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Caught this Kraken of a burger at Tanglin Mall. Cosy environment & friendly service refilled continuously with smiles, the burger is conjured from Spicy, Cajun-style grilled chicken breast with jalapeño Jack cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickle and ancho-chile ranch dressing, topped with crispy onion strings. Routinely served at Chili's restaurant, hunters proceed with extreme appetite =)

Chung Cheng Prawn Mee #01-59: prawn noodles with pork ribs for $4 (right). Ab Balling Peanut Soup #01-75: dumpling with sesame seeds & peanut fillings, served in almond essence (left). Both can be found at the food stalls of Golden Mile Complex.


Alternative to Fishing

Posted: July 8, 2009 by ralliart12 in ScratchPad
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Sorry to Mr. Fish.

Sorry to Mr. Fish.

Found something cheaper than fishing (what with the need to find good ponds, high pond rates as fish are more expensive, rod & reel & lure, boat trips, etc)…& it’s Prawn Fishing. The pond I frequent is the one in Sin Ming Ave, Bishan. Though the location is close to an hour’s ride away, I do have a direct bus there (service no.52). Rates are pretty reasonable, i.e. I always go $30 for 3hr anyway and the catch rate was acceptable. I went twice & all I can say is, unless you dun cast, you will not return home empty-handed. Environment is sheltered and I believe there are more than 4 ponds around, which is more than enough on a weekday. Chairs are aplenty and BBQ pits are available. There is also a very adorable cat and a whimpy dog that resides there. Size of prawns are varied and there are definitely big ones. But the average-sized ones shrunk a lot when cooked.

Ah…nothing beats listening to podcasts, chewing on Subway cookies and tight lines the entire afternoon away…

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Shrimp Hunters

Posted: July 12, 2008 by rachel2108 in ScratchPad
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They call us shrimp hunters

We hunt at the common water hole

Trick our prey with low quality bait

Sometimes we get pinched…this is what we do to them

Float goes down…& the prey comes up, struggling of course

Moving fast, but it ain’t going nowhere

Some of the prey are bigger than our head

At times we keep prisoners-of-war

From beginning till the end…those that go unempty be our hands.