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NTS: Another update for E71

Posted: May 4, 2009 by ralliart12 in Ring-ding
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Should be performing another firmware update of my Nokia E71 after my papers. This time round, let’s keep things fresh and simple:

  • 1. All sms to be archived, none to be restored.
  • 2. Backup should be divided into the following 4 categories:
  1. PIM: Contacts & Calendar events (both settled by Ovi), Email accounts (no choice, copy down settings and manually re-create)
  2. Personalization: Themes (dunno how) and ring- & sms-tones (extract and restore accordingly)
  3. Apps: get latest version of Garmin, get the latest community POIs as well, remember to backup map[s]); as for the rest, dun install too much lah, remember to screenshot settings for CClock.
  4. Media: Photos, Videos, songs? Everything is on memory card mah

I will still perform a FULL backup via PC Suite, just that I will NOT restore from it as I wanna start fresh.


Note to self: if(E71.update(ver200)){do(…

Posted: January 20, 2009 by ralliart12 in Ring-ding
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Original firmware

Original firmware

Remove memory card BEFORE updating

Update: leave memory card in.

Update: remove BULK of media from memory card BEFORE performing backup using Nokia Content Copier, including the huge Garmin map

Following data will be wiped + possible resolution:

Contacts –  sync back from Ovi (untested)

Update: restore from Nokia Content Copier

Sms – save to laptop 1st; no way to restore

Update: restore from Nokia Content Copier

Ringtone + SMS alert tone – extract from phone memory 1st & restore afterwards

Multimedia on phone’s memory – Ensure all songs and video are moved to memory card

Arrangement of Main menu icons – screenshot

Text notes – sync back from Ovi (untested)

Update: restore from Nokia Content Copier (maybe)

Active notes – directly back up from phone’s “Office” > “File Manager” (UNtested)

Update: restore from Nokia Content Copier (maybe)

Email settings – screenshots

Update: hope Nokia Content Copier can restore

General settings – screenshot EVERYTHING, i.e. power saver animation, keypad auto-lock time-out, etc

Update: hope Nokia Content Copier can restore

Garmin – good opportunity to test out v5.20. Export all waypoints 1st

Other apps – No resolution; screenshot BOTH App Manager’s list and icon viewS (note if DEFAULT apps on memory card is wiped or not)

CClock – Screen capture all settings.

Themes – No resolution – Seek only the 2 in active use (swap green one to be main)

Update: updaters report NO wipe?

Web browser bookmarks – collateral

Access points – collateral


} //end

Phase 1

  1. Begin charging phone
  2. Perform 1 sync with Ovi to ensure server side data is up-to-date
  3. Connect E71 via USB cable
  4. Manually batch export smses to PC via Nokia Communication Centre
  5. Manually batch export contacts to PC via the same channel
  6. Extract ringtone & sms alert tones (\r@lLi4rt12’s E71\Phone memory\DATA\Sounds\Simple)
  7. Verified: really no multimedia on Phone memory
  8. Manually copied out Active Notes (\r@lLi4rt12’s E71\Phone memory\DATA\Activenotes); Text notes’ location cannot be pinpointed
  9. Perform a freeze of microSD card contents onto PC
  10. Remove Garmin huge maps and all non-critical multimedia from microSD card, i.e. Sounds > Digital, user_added, Images, Videos, etc
  11. Proceed to backup with Nokia content Copier

Backing up using Nokia Content Copier

Backing up using Nokia Content Copier

Phase 2


Phase 3

Realizing everything on phone is wiped…proceeding to restore using Nokia Content Copier…


"Smart Dial" for the E71 AsiaPac edition...finally!

My cousin-in-law & I were quite interested about the “Smart Dial” feature they finally made available on the AsiaPac E71s, & then rachel2108 showed us this:


rachel2108's cellphone...also has Smart Dial!!!

… & said her “old-tech” Sony Ericsson cellphone can do this for a long time already…


1st charge: 20/03/08

Started using (charge disconnect): 0900H, 21/03/08

Wasn’t a hassle to say the least, since major components such as contacts, multimedia, sms-es, were already well-defined & their flow structured. Had a bit of a tussle with the screen protector though…anyway the stainless steel is fantastic, you can actually use the backplate a.k.a. battery cover as a weapon. Metal components always make the phone feel solid in your hands. They also made it a fingerprint magnet.

I like this shot:

Thanks HWZCorp (sincerely) – 😉