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"Opennet! Get your free Opennet!"

A few months after its soft launch, the actual Opennet hardware setup has finally been deployed at my HDB block. Opennet is a new initiative (by IDA, I suppose) to deploy an optical fibre network across the country as a ready infrastructure for ANY service providers to retail high-end broadband internet access in the near-future. It is non-affiliated with any telco, i.e. the consumer can choose to subscribe to any provider & that provider has the authority to execute the activation using your Opennet box. As a matter of fact, after some digging around their appointment emails, I deduced the technical partner for this rollout is “Alcatel-Lucent”. Nonetheless, deployment of a 15m link from your residence’s point-of-entry is free provided you schedule an appointment with them via their letter to you. If you didn’t secure a free setup during this promotional period, future request may start from $2xx onwards, or so they claimed. So if you ain’t hear nothing yet, please verify if other occupants within your household hasn’t dismiss any Opennet letter by negligence.

As usual, my appointment wasn’t without a few hiccups. Opennet assigned a 2-4pm slot to me today & yet I was awaken in the morning to their request to push the appointment forward by 2hours (start work at noon). Although I just returned from overseas & is trying my best to catchup on some sleep, I obliged out of consideration for their convenience. However, they STILL arrived 15mins early, i.e. setup was from 11.45am till 1.38pm. Luckily I wasn’t out of the house for a meal around that timeslot. Somehow, everything always don’t happen according to plan for me. Btw, the cable, though thin, has a glass composition & should not be subject to excessive bending, just fyi.

New name; SAME CRAP

Accompanied S in late afternoon to claim warranty for her CrossRoads Bijou earphones from that wretched store, Jaben. I was expecting the build quality of that crap to give way sooner than later & what luck! Hers is no longer under warranty & the staff there was quick to:

  • Sell her the same crap by asking her to top up $40
  • Conceal the broken-down unit from her & feigned ignorance when I insisted she retrieved her piece even though claims cannot proceed.

She reported they couldn’t find it even though she just stepped out of the store mere moments ago. She has half the heart to leave her piece there until I reminded her that it is peculiar for companies to withhold faulty merchandise when there was no promise of diagnostics and repairs. As for why the staff at Jaben showcased a reluctance to have a faulty sample in the public, is anybody’s guesses.


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Disclaimer: that “digital economy” doesn’t support cellphones. Apparently there is no reception in the new COM1 building, that was kindly given to us computing folks by the kind souls of our Law faculty, so they have to suffer in their new, miserable, Bukit Timah Campus. Well, now now…I tot for once lawyers can be trusted to be without agenda…but hell no:

At the leading IT & Computing faculty of our prestigious university campus, we offer to disable the use of mobile phones via our students. Sure, there’s lots of inconvenience when you are trying to find your project mates, telling your parents you will not be dining home due to overnight lab crunches, etc, but at SoC, we believe that’s a small price to pay to make students concentrate on their work.

Wat do ya tink, SoC peeps? Anybody else experiencing this wonderful disservice, or is it just mi?