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"Opennet! Get your free Opennet!"

A few months after its soft launch, the actual Opennet hardware setup has finally been deployed at my HDB block. Opennet is a new initiative (by IDA, I suppose) to deploy an optical fibre network across the country as a ready infrastructure for ANY service providers to retail high-end broadband internet access in the near-future. It is non-affiliated with any telco, i.e. the consumer can choose to subscribe to any provider & that provider has the authority to execute the activation using your Opennet box. As a matter of fact, after some digging around their appointment emails, I deduced the technical partner for this rollout is “Alcatel-Lucent”. Nonetheless, deployment of a 15m link from your residence’s point-of-entry is free provided you schedule an appointment with them via their letter to you. If you didn’t secure a free setup during this promotional period, future request may start from $2xx onwards, or so they claimed. So if you ain’t hear nothing yet, please verify if other occupants within your household hasn’t dismiss any Opennet letter by negligence.

As usual, my appointment wasn’t without a few hiccups. Opennet assigned a 2-4pm slot to me today & yet I was awaken in the morning to their request to push the appointment forward by 2hours (start work at noon). Although I just returned from overseas & is trying my best to catchup on some sleep, I obliged out of consideration for their convenience. However, they STILL arrived 15mins early, i.e. setup was from 11.45am till 1.38pm. Luckily I wasn’t out of the house for a meal around that timeslot. Somehow, everything always don’t happen according to plan for me. Btw, the cable, though thin, has a glass composition & should not be subject to excessive bending, just fyi.

New name; SAME CRAP

Accompanied S in late afternoon to claim warranty for her CrossRoads Bijou earphones from that wretched store, Jaben. I was expecting the build quality of that crap to give way sooner than later & what luck! Hers is no longer under warranty & the staff there was quick to:

  • Sell her the same crap by asking her to top up $40
  • Conceal the broken-down unit from her & feigned ignorance when I insisted she retrieved her piece even though claims cannot proceed.

She reported they couldn’t find it even though she just stepped out of the store mere moments ago. She has half the heart to leave her piece there until I reminded her that it is peculiar for companies to withhold faulty merchandise when there was no promise of diagnostics and repairs. As for why the staff at Jaben showcased a reluctance to have a faulty sample in the public, is anybody’s guesses.


Before performing my own system migration, I received a request from R to extract her old address book from her “retired” Sony Ericsson W910 unit. She has since upgraded to a Yaris but needed all of her 60 contacts from the older device. Well, one may ask why can she extract the data herself? Answer? The keypad from the old phone is defunct! In order to synchronise data upstream from her W910 to a computer with Sony Ericsson’s PC Suite installed, a connection has to be made & the Sony Ericsson way of connection means the user has to confirm a “mode of connection” to establish the link. Nokia devices will also have such a prompt upon an USB connection, but unlike SE, once the Nokia phone is detected physically via USB, it can be manipulated from the PC side without any further input from the phone side. I cannot explain how I got it done, but if you will like a proof of a successful connection & data extraction, may I redirect your attention to this YouTube video:

I also migrated BH’s desktop system to Windows 7 across 2 days (on-site, I might add). In addition, Frederick’s desktop PC died on Xmas 2009 due to multiple device failures, i.e. hard disks & graphics card. I was originally slated to assist him with this opportunity (for him) to migrate to Windows 7 as well, but the hardware damage was beyond my voodoo. I actually brought all the gear up to his place, i.e. installation discs, external “volume-of-goodness”, etc. Currently, the only opportunity he has is to test whether the extra $100 he paid for extended warranty 2 years back will be worth the price. BH actually has me scheduled to service his girlfriend’s XP laptop, but to avoid this I have actually flown out of Singapore (haha…just kidding). He will find some way to drop it in my in-tray somehow. See how lah.

To be honest, the successful operations on both R’s defunct cellphone & my self-inflicted notebook mishap, really does bring me joy. But joy alone, won’t foot the bill.

UPDATE #1: As a matter of fact, in deed I found myself taking a look at BH’s girlfriend’s laptop (also dropped by to tie up any loose ends with his Outlook [Gmail] profile prompt, which was my lapse, to be honest), which is a huge Acer notebook. Nothing seems to be out of place except for the lack of an antivirus installed. Nonetheless, I setup Avira AntiVir & Spybot Search & Destroy on her system by downloading the installers through her web browser. I even managed to update both malware-preventive suites with no issues. Have no idea, then, why BH says her laptop’s wireless is defunct, since connecting to a private WLAN (his) was not an issue.

UPDATE #2: In the end also asked BH to find a flip-cover leather case for his iPod Touch by himself (I was tasked for it originally), since:

  • online purchases save only $8-$10
  • accessory appearnces is a subjective manner
  • I was dealing with the blows from my school module bidding system
  • I refuse to accept the fact that he cannot cash-&-carry a simply flip-cover leather casing in Challenger, Jurong Point, which is so freaking near his residence

UPDATE #3: Now I was tasked to shortlist some portable hard disk candidates to replace 1 of his faulty ones…the “orders” just keep coming in…

"Electronic Surgery"

I was preparing some Vista drivers for the impending migration when I noticed a BIOS firmware update available for my Samsung laptop. Decided to go for it & succeeded without any hiccups. Feeling adventurous, I decided to overhaul the physical innards of my laptop to clean the fans & reduce heat build-up. This proved to be a folly as I guess one is limited to a single brash act per night.

Notice the version number of the outdated firmware

The BIOS flashing is performed within a live Windows session

...& it is done

In short, I tore the laptop apart, failed to access the fan comfortably enough to clean it. And when I put everything back together again, the Touchpad & Bluetooth wasn’t working. Great, I damaged my system just when I was about to format it. After the initial panic, I googled around for solutions & more importantly, the service manuals of my specific system. After some examination of the printed labels of the components on my laptop mainboard, I cross-referenced the connection pathways with 3 related Samsung models’ (one of which is my model) schematics. With a more-or-less affirmative Bluetooth module part number. (technicians should find this term very familiar), I performed a “Google Image Search” for this part no. to obtain a visual confirmation to avoid “operating” & destroying another component by mistake. After I know visually what I’m supposed to work on, I went back to the schematics to trace the connection across the Printed Circuit Board. One time, I was very sure the components exist correctly on both the schematics & my actual laptop mainboard, but the layout on the schematics is foreign to me; it turned out I was looking at the inverse side of my laptop plastic shell & the whole inspection was upside-down literally. Once I set my orientation straight I was able to verify the integrity of the module’s connection, and by-chance, I managed to ID the disconnected cable of my Touchpad and all was fine again, expected for 4 broken keys on my keyboard (collateral damage?).

Let's split this unit open!

In the process of dismantling...

Again, I suspect Samsung service cte forgot to return some of my screws from last time

Read 5 Samsung notebook schematics from other models within the family before I chanced upon the right part number...

Next, I have to figure out the correct orientation of the pieces I have on my hands...

Finally found the elusive pathway of the bluetooth module

...& re-connect the dislodged Synaptics touch-pad cable.

Nope, I still didn’t manage to clean my fan. I will also not like to do this again. I supposed to broken keys will serve as a painful reminder the next time I’m feeling adventurous it is probably a sign to forecast the possible occurrence of an act of stupidity. Did I mention I have no electrical engineering fundamentals & half the time I was interpreting the schematics my brain was fuelled by instinct in place of logic?

Computer. Fixer.

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Right after everything is done then BSOD. Tamago.

Right after everything is done then BSOD. Tamago.

So after settling a couple of miscellaneous items for my cousin’s desktop system & securing a new cellphone for S, I decided to keep the momentum going and proceeded to fix up an old desktop system for my parents to use. I got all flustered trying to figure out how to get RAID and AHCI working until I realized my parents dun really give a damn about data redundancy and Native CommandQueueing (NCQ) for SATA drives. Geez…sometimes must really take a step back & not be too “obsessed”. However, despite the sincerest of my intentions, Luck will have it that the system will start throwing BSODs the moment the operating system was up & running with all the hefty updates downloaded & installed.

UPDATE: Finally figured out what was wrong; one of the HDD was failing and causing the system some “hardware distress”. No more BSODs upon removal of said HDD.

Still owe my cousin the following requests:

  • Recover his portable 2.5″ ext. HDD
  • Find a new cellphone for him to upgrade to
  • Find a replacement for his portable  media player
  • Whatever his office computer system needs fixing

Oh yah, my mum wants internet on the new system too. She’s browsing for a webpage & she told me it begins with “www.”

Another day bah.