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This is not one of those events that have a happy ending. I do not feel like writing too much about it, but essentially, I bit off more than I can chew, & the results were disastrous. The final status of this project is: aborted. There will be no further attempts to revive it. All remaining life-forms were distributed to capable care-takers; most, if not all the equipment involved were either sold, sterilised (for future use), or destroyed (recovery efforts out-weigh the item’s value). What follows, is a harrowing tale that cumulated in one of my most unglamorous under-taking…

Initial setup for this secondary project is a GEX Glassterior Slim 450 low-profile tank. Substrate is GEX Shrimp Soil on top of a layer of Mosura Old Sea Mud Powder. This is coated by a thin layer of ADA New Amazonia AquaSoil (powder-type; to facilitate planting of carpeting soil). Main hardscape is a relatively large pice of driftwood, placed off-centre & binded with Christmas moss, as well as random units of Anubias barteri var. nana ‘Petite’. Secondary hardscape are various small pieces of lava rocks scattered around the substrate to make the surroundings look bigger. Illumination provided by a pair of T5HO tubes from an AquaZonic fixture (cheap, simple, gets the job done; cheap-looking fixture as well). Filtration is provide by an Eheim Classic 2211 containing maximum capacity of BioHome Plus media; output via a rainbar.

Performing some conceptualization of the hardscape…frankly speaking, the GEX Glassterior Slim 450 is a very narrow tank, but I still love it.

Placing the driftwood after it has been tied with Christmas moss & “Nana petite”. The environment has to be keep humid to prevent the moss from drying out. The driftwood is embedded deep into the substrate; even them, it is about as tall as the tank’s depth. Note the cheap-looking plastic light fixture.

As always, filling up a tank using soil-based substrate is always, a messy affair. Though the detritus usually clears up within a day, I may have came up with a way to greatly reduce stirred up debris from Day-0 filling-up…

Top-down view of the tank, showing the spacing between each glosso stalk; as well as the amount of Christmas moss deployed.

The Glossostigma Elatinoides is planted node-by-node to promote spreading. After so many times of using glosso, I still pay too little attention to burying them until their leaves touch the topsoil. The above planting, is an example of shoddy work.

View of the tank from the side.

Too long a photo-period, too rich a substrate & you get hair algae!

Illumination has been upgraded to a Beamwork Model 1300 (1-watt-per-diode LED fixture). A small Totto bubble stopper has been added to provide further aeration. Frogbits (the floating plant) are introduced to cope with the high levels of nitrates; as well as kill off some of the direct light. The colony is introduced after weeks of cycling. Notice the Tubifex worms wriggling in the substrate? Yup, that’s what happen when the worms are not introduced via a tray.

Close-up view of the colony.

Tank has been upgraded to an Ocean Free 2-footer, with a depth of 45cm. Substrate is changed to a sand that is even finer (& brighter) than the usual favourite: Sudo Bottom Sand. Compared to the Sudo, this sand is super-fine. Filtration is amp-ed up to an Eheim 2224; output via lily pipe to produce a large but gentle current. Additional filtration is supplemented by an internal sponge filter (which bubbles the water all the way up above the water level before splashing it down). A pair of Giant Nana is introduced to serve as rallying points for the colony. The Totto bubble stopper is upgraded to its larger iteration as well. The substrate is intentionally laid thin.

Another close-up view of the colony. In the new environment.

The Colony is never heard from again.


in the month of November… & it has came true…:





“It’s over. It’s okay. Just another day in FailureVille. Move along now; nothing to see right here…”

History repeats itself, & at the rate it’s going, I’m sure some other things will get repeated as well 😦 I guess the politically-correct approach to handle this delicate matter is to just tell everybody what they wanna hear…

Anyway, caught Iron Man. Finally. I will catch it again, due to 2 unrelated incidents, which I’ll elaborate further. But first things’ first:

The show is SUPERB. Period. RDJr is fantastic as Tony Stark (as Heath Ledger will be, when he plays the Joker and Aaron Eckhart as Two-Face, both characters in the Dark Knight). As an “origins/beginning” story, no problem at all, even for non-comic fans, as a gadgetry/techno-geek fanfare, what with all the suit-design, missiles, weapons, cars, etc, scored with flying colors. I can assure you: Tony Stark’s workshop is an engineer’s/architect’s wet dream, with the ergo-virtual keyboard, minority report-like screens, virtual 3D-projections you can physically interact with, an artificially-sentient(note: it’s beyond artificially intelligent) robotic housekeeper that can rebuke the owner, full-length patio windows made outta LCD screens, which can alter their opacity, everything’s there. Oh yah, Gwyneth Paltrow and the F-22 Raptors(real ones were loaned for this film) too.

And characters? Well, in a nutshell it manages to fit a weapons manufacturer development into a high-tech-equipped humanitarian within 2 hrs, yup, it’s all green here too.  The director, Jon Favreau, and of course, Stan Lee’s cameos were a hoot. Not to mention Samuel L Jackson as Nick Fury. Colonel Nick Fury, sorry Sir! Hint hint Wink* wink*

But but, while watching the 9.40pm slot at Golden Village Jurong Point, there was a 15min disruption that started at the 45min mark of the show, where a bunch of perplexed audience were treated to this:

And after which the film continued with audio but NO video for another 5mins, and when everything finally came together again, the reel was not rewound to the lost portion. After which, distinctive hammering noises were heard originating from behind the cinema screen (who does construction work at 10pm in the night? I can assure you it’s NOT Iron Man). Because of this disruption, I missed the midnight bus and had to cab home. Is this the kind of service that justifies a ticket price hike?

Oh yah, bought a cheap 8GB thumbdrive recently. It’s not terribly fast: I manually timed it to discover a WRITE of 2.92GB took 12m33s, which translate to 3.8MB/sec. But still $40 for 8GB of redundant traffic, what the heck…