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After a couple of weeks, scouring Cathay Photo Peninsula, John 3:16, major electronic department stores like Harvey Norman, Courts and Best Denki, CaseLogic @ Clarke Quay, I still did not manage to locate a pouch for my camera and iPod rig. the Lowepro bags are really nicely designed, i.e. I like their orange/grey- & black color scheme, but some of them are too squarish.

I guess I’m also partially at fault because I can’t decide what kinda camera bag am I really seeking, i.e. a standalone bag to hold just my camera, a lightly bigger stand-alone bag to hold my camera AND iPod rig, or a camera bag that can be thrown inside my main backpack? Hard time finding nice, sturdy neck strap too…

It was even worse trying to find a case for my iPod + amp rig. The protruding bend of the inter-connect proves to lengthen the minimum-required perimeter of the setup unnecessarily, while the iPod touch, which needs to have the touch-screen accessible every now and then (for video viewing, web browsing, etc) proves another challenge. The closest purpose-built contraption is the AmpSack from Jaben, but due to my previous experience with them, they have earn the last of my dollars. Besides, $7x for that black boring design that translates into a walking advertisement, seems over-priced (u can get a Crumpler for this, but then again, a Crumpler isn’t purpose-built).

An idea struck me while I was revising for CS3253 today. Suppose I propose a solution that is similar to the AmpSack but estimated to be ard $20 less? I have a rough idea, but that involves more shopping…let’s see what blooms from this budding spark…


“Inner struggle is…”

Posted: April 20, 2008 by ralliart12 in Pod dock, Quotes
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“…the constant battle between your wallet and your current priorities”.

Just went to try out some new earphones…shop was packed with people as usual…it’s like almost every time I went down it became a “standing-room-only” event……looking to upgrade as my existing X3i are acting up again(crackling/hissing noises on the right…suspect it’s the circuitry being worn out). & these’re the new models I tried:

1. Tried out LBi(Mylar): a lot more “civilized” than that ridiculous XBi in terms of bass. Comparing to my X3i, the music (thru the LBi) sounds as if a layer of warm bass has been coated on top of it before being output to the ears…not bad, but nothin fantastic also…

2. Tried UM1(finally): super extremely clear(I came from X3i) vocals. Everything with aspect to the vocals gets “pushed forward” while the bass seems to be reduced to a pathetic “pitter-patter” in the background. But the singer’s voice is clear as CRISP. I’m not sayin it’s bad, but I dunno if I can get used to this type of music and whether I’m willing to sacrifice all the bass(to me UM1 really = no bass).

3. Tried SF3: the bass isn’t that diminished as I was led to believe…it’s almost the same quantity as the X3i, but even better quality, i.e. punch-ier, tighter bass? Am I describing it correctly?

4. Tried the SF5Pro: Sorry guys, my ears ain’t “panache enough” to distinguish the SF5 from the SF3…maybe my setup(source music files & entry-level amp) not up there yet to drive it.

All in all, I damn regretted not starting out with SF3, it would have stayed with me for a long time if I haven’t began with X3-series…now gotta suffer the cost of upgrade…but the difference between it and the X3i not adequate to push me to strain my wallet yet …

EDIT: Come to tink of it, haiyah, why dun I directly upgrade to TripleFi 10 Pro and stay happy for long long time lah…but then again, all my family members will kill me 1st… 😦

The thing about tube amps…

Posted: March 13, 2008 by ralliart12 in Pod dock
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…is that they are oh so expensive, the Fatman iTube amp shown above, costs SGD$900! Ask any discerning audiophile why the analogue based sound produced using vacuum tubes is better than the sound produced by modern digital methods using chips and, believe me, you’re in for a long night

Constructed from brushed aluminium, and consisting of a high quality CD player, a AM/FM radio tuner and a dedicated iPod docking station and packed with a four tube powered amplifier the Shanling MC-30 iPod Music Center offers a Philips VAM-12 pick up mechanism with a CD-7II servo system, for ‘low jitter tracking’, and a Burr-Brown PCM1738 chip for pristine digital to analogue conversion.

The Shanling MC-30 iPod Music Center retails for USD$995, so it’s not cheap but, as far as aesthetics are concerned you have gotta absolutely love it.

Apart from its beautifully minimalist styling and the fact that the vacuum tube cover can be removed to display the six vacuum tubes within (a sealed unit would, we are sure you’d agree, be nothing less than a travesty) the MT-1 Integrated Tube Amplifier offers 12.5 Watts per channel, a frequency response of 10Hz~40KHz, a signal to noise ratio of 83db and, as you would expect, offers a veritable array of connectivity comprising of non-balance signal inputs for up to three external devices as well as three sets of speaker connections at 0Ω, 4Ω and 8 Ω.

The Xindak Electronics MT-1 Vacuum Tube Amplifier retails at around USD$635.