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Before performing my own system migration, I received a request from R to extract her old address book from her “retired” Sony Ericsson W910 unit. She has since upgraded to a Yaris but needed all of her 60 contacts from the older device. Well, one may ask why can she extract the data herself? Answer? The keypad from the old phone is defunct! In order to synchronise data upstream from her W910 to a computer with Sony Ericsson’s PC Suite installed, a connection has to be made & the Sony Ericsson way of connection means the user has to confirm a “mode of connection” to establish the link. Nokia devices will also have such a prompt upon an USB connection, but unlike SE, once the Nokia phone is detected physically via USB, it can be manipulated from the PC side without any further input from the phone side. I cannot explain how I got it done, but if you will like a proof of a successful connection & data extraction, may I redirect your attention to this YouTube video:

I also migrated BH’s desktop system to Windows 7 across 2 days (on-site, I might add). In addition, Frederick’s desktop PC died on Xmas 2009 due to multiple device failures, i.e. hard disks & graphics card. I was originally slated to assist him with this opportunity (for him) to migrate to Windows 7 as well, but the hardware damage was beyond my voodoo. I actually brought all the gear up to his place, i.e. installation discs, external “volume-of-goodness”, etc. Currently, the only opportunity he has is to test whether the extra $100 he paid for extended warranty 2 years back will be worth the price. BH actually has me scheduled to service his girlfriend’s XP laptop, but to avoid this I have actually flown out of Singapore (haha…just kidding). He will find some way to drop it in my in-tray somehow. See how lah.

To be honest, the successful operations on both R’s defunct cellphone & my self-inflicted notebook mishap, really does bring me joy. But joy alone, won’t foot the bill.

UPDATE #1: As a matter of fact, in deed I found myself taking a look at BH’s girlfriend’s laptop (also dropped by to tie up any loose ends with his Outlook [Gmail] profile prompt, which was my lapse, to be honest), which is a huge Acer notebook. Nothing seems to be out of place except for the lack of an antivirus installed. Nonetheless, I setup Avira AntiVir & Spybot Search & Destroy on her system by downloading the installers through her web browser. I even managed to update both malware-preventive suites with no issues. Have no idea, then, why BH says her laptop’s wireless is defunct, since connecting to a private WLAN (his) was not an issue.

UPDATE #2: In the end also asked BH to find a flip-cover leather case for his iPod Touch by himself (I was tasked for it originally), since:

  • online purchases save only $8-$10
  • accessory appearnces is a subjective manner
  • I was dealing with the blows from my school module bidding system
  • I refuse to accept the fact that he cannot cash-&-carry a simply flip-cover leather casing in Challenger, Jurong Point, which is so freaking near his residence

UPDATE #3: Now I was tasked to shortlist some portable hard disk candidates to replace 1 of his faulty ones…the “orders” just keep coming in…


Computer. Fixer.

Posted: July 8, 2009 by ralliart12 in Roadblocks
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Right after everything is done then BSOD. Tamago.

Right after everything is done then BSOD. Tamago.

So after settling a couple of miscellaneous items for my cousin’s desktop system & securing a new cellphone for S, I decided to keep the momentum going and proceeded to fix up an old desktop system for my parents to use. I got all flustered trying to figure out how to get RAID and AHCI working until I realized my parents dun really give a damn about data redundancy and Native CommandQueueing (NCQ) for SATA drives. Geez…sometimes must really take a step back & not be too “obsessed”. However, despite the sincerest of my intentions, Luck will have it that the system will start throwing BSODs the moment the operating system was up & running with all the hefty updates downloaded & installed.

UPDATE: Finally figured out what was wrong; one of the HDD was failing and causing the system some “hardware distress”. No more BSODs upon removal of said HDD.

Still owe my cousin the following requests:

  • Recover his portable 2.5″ ext. HDD
  • Find a new cellphone for him to upgrade to
  • Find a replacement for his portable  media player
  • Whatever his office computer system needs fixing

Oh yah, my mum wants internet on the new system too. She’s browsing for a webpage & she told me it begins with “www.”

Another day bah.

FYI, the Blackbird I’m gonna talk about next, is NOT the SR71 that was not-so-recently retired by USAF (come on, the whole world knows you have Aurora, so stop trying to keep it a secret). What I am gonna introduce next, is the absolut leader in extreme gaming desktop PC. It was meant to be a competitor to the Dell+Alienware combo, but I guess HP “accidentally” obliterated the entire competition..oops

Some ppl have feedback that my site is too “techie-oriented”, so I’m gonna just give the three minute low-down on this killer of a system (based on HP’s USD$5,000 “ALPHA configuration”):

  • liquid-cooled + heat pipes = maximum cooling with no fan noise
  • full cast aluminum NON-magnetic casing = take that, Mac Pro, we are 1 giant heat sink too
  • 1.1 kilowatt PSU = 4 times that of “lesser” PCs
  • 10000RPM Raptor drive = take that, SCSI fan-boys
  • Integrated support for RAID 5 & 5 drive bays = woo-hoo
  • Tool-less entry = special tool within chassis + gooseneck LED illumination, of course, built right into the chassis as well

for those who wanna find out more, go here & be awed. Period.