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I can WALK to JE MRT stn in half an hour!

I can WALK to JE MRT stn in half an hour!

1st, I try service no. 98 & realises the next bus is due in 9mins & if I missed it, I have to wait 29mins net for another one. I frantically packed my stuff & even went a stop downstream to ensure I’ve a good buffer for the 98 arriving soon. Halfway to the downstream bus stop, I saw 98 zoomed past!

Nvm, I’ll walk ~1km further to get to another bus stop that has service no. 52, 105, 183. Which will allow me to reach Clementi MRT station instead of Jurong East MRT station (which was what 98’s for). There is a huge cross-junction before my new bus stop destination & as I wait there I saw 105 & 183 veering right across my path to that bus stop! (I couldn’t cross; red light for pedestrian)

I waited. Devasted. At that loathsome traffic light. But SBS Transit just want to kick me when I’m down: right before I can cross, 52 comes along and ensured me, that I wouldn’t be able to catch it even if I run. I really freakin’ wondered why SBS Transit can’t stagger their bus services which share a good portion of similar routes!


Defunct World-crass transport

Posted: July 1, 2008 by ralliart12 in Roadblocks
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Here’s the breakdown:

I usually board the 0815 176 to get to work. I, know that there’s an earlier one that reaches the bus stop at
0805. Today I attempted to catch that by trying all means possible to reach bus stop by 0805. At 0803, on the opposite side of the bus stop(haven’t cross road yet, bloody traffic light), watched in vain as the 0805 176 reaches the stop. Unable to catch it due to traffic. Though to myself, well, I’ll just board the normal 0815 176. A 2nd 176 rolled into the bus stop! Great!

Waited till 0825 for the 0815 176. No joy. Decided to catch 188 then transit with 57 or 176 at Telok Blangah Rd. Almost boarded 188E which doesn’t stop at aforementioned transition point. 188 proceeded to jam at the stretch of road before Clementi Central, jammed at Kent Ridge, jammed at Pasir Panjang and then lastly, jammed at the stretch of road before Telok Blangah.

Reached transition point at 0850. Noticed in disbelief that for the same stretch of distance(2nd phase of the journey), boarding 57 will result in covering 3 more stops as compared to boarding a 176!!! They somehow managed to squeeze in more bus stops within the same physical distance(the intermediate stretch between Telok Blangah and Henderson Rd).

Nonetheless, it’s alright, as neither service are arriving…almost wanted to take MC and gave up commuting to worksuddenly recalled a old man saying that our transport system is so efficient that point-to-point travel within Singapore takes no more than 20mins. I believe the senile old man got our roads confused with the Information Super Highway.


Our world-class transport system has trumped efficiency once again! A new scheme they silently implemented over the years made it possible for them to cart more folks per bus! Now, the terminals will accumulate enough passengers to fill each bus to its brim, before initiating 1 trip, maximizing bus utilization! It’s that simple.

To sign up, just queue at a bus terminal near you…