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Posted: January 5, 2009 by rachel2108 in academia

Now its back to school time,oh my gosh, so tired!!!I must wake up at 6.30am morning to go primary school.I guess in 3 years time i’m gonna be even more tired cause my neighbor is now in sec 1 and once he came back from school at 5pm he immediately sleep until the next day 8.30am.

is it cute?I got it from my friend!


Shrimp Hunters

Posted: July 12, 2008 by rachel2108 in ScratchPad
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They call us shrimp hunters

We hunt at the common water hole

Trick our prey with low quality bait

Sometimes we get pinched…this is what we do to them

Float goes down…& the prey comes up, struggling of course

Moving fast, but it ain’t going nowhere

Some of the prey are bigger than our head

At times we keep prisoners-of-war

From beginning till the end…those that go unempty be our hands.

En route. Dun be mistaken by that look. Beneath that calm composure lies the nerves of steel

The obligatory victory sign. Before the victory

Weather is hot

Burn! Rubber, burn!!!!!!!!!!

Job done = ice-cream. Mango sorbet pls, shaken, not stirred

And now, let us view the replay in “slow-mo”:

Rose jelly

Posted: April 12, 2008 by rachel2108 in Tummilicious
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rachel2108 humbly presents…the rose jelly!

Let’s scrape it out…

Aiyah…cannot lah…too slow…


Chicken wings…

Posted: April 1, 2008 by rachel2108 in Tummilicious
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are simple, nice and good…yum yum. Hope you will like ’em too