A tale of 2 bettas

Posted: April 22, 2012 by ralliart12 in ~ § Aquascape § ~
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I setup a betta tank in the office for my colleague last week. Splendid specimen, a lavender butterfly half-moon plakat. It was a simple setup too, i.e. GEX “S” Slim filter, a couple of black lava rocks & Malayan hard wood branches, bottom coated with a layer of Sudo Bottom Sand & topped off with a simple LED lamp. Now that fellow’s living like a king inside his new enclosure (big tank for a betta too), complete with a clump of Anubias barteri var. “nana petite” & some Frogbits. & I’m simply loving it. That’s always the problem, ain’t it? Creators always fall in love with their creations.

Any way, the specimen in the photo is mine. His name is Bob. Unfortunately Bob jumped out of his enclosure a few days back & suffered massive physical damages to his body, e.g. especially his gorgeous caudal & pectoral fins. He’s still alive though; the first few hours (after his short-lived terrestrial adventure) he displayed some very un-fighting-fish swimming behaviour. Now he’s swimming al right, & I’m going to do my best to encourage the recovery of his splendour.

Update: just an elaboration on what the “butterfly” nomenclature means. The misconception is that the term is given to fighting fishes with frilly fins (I erroneously believed this too), but it is actually not. The proper definition is:

A bi-coloured form in which the colour pattern of the body (which may be of any colour) partially blends into the transparent or white fins and tail (body / blend / fin edges). The effect is to create an oval band around the fish, which ideally is separated from the body by a narrow, white or transparent zone. Choice Butterflies have a coloured body with a white blend into the fins and then a final blend back to the body colour towards the edge of the fins.  Fins should display a distinct banded pattern, with strong contrast and well defined edges. The bands should also encircle the body of the fish with a well defined oval shape.

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