Photo360 Contest: It was not meant to be…

Posted: February 18, 2010 by ralliart12 in academia, Roadblocks, ScratchPad
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Full details of the Microsoft Photo360 contest

In a nutshell, this contest is for students to create “synths” (3D-visual mapping) of places of interest within Singapore. I’ve been a day-one fan of the potential of Microsoft’s PhotoSynth project from their Live Labs department. This is the perfect opportunity to flex my composition muscle, clock some field-work & deploy the final output via an up-to-date technology! Talk about synergy of my ideals! Alas, it was not to be, as I’m afraid my peers are not so free & passionate to embark on such a crazy journey (quite literally, in terms of foot-work) & the organizers require a team of 3 students. I doubt they will allow me to just submit the names of 3 friends yet accomplish my submission on individual effort, as there is a workshop which I suppose they will actually wanna secure our attendance! Arghz!

Nonetheless, I’ve some great ideas about what my potential submission will be structured upon, but for those of you who are unfamiliar with the magic of PhotoSynth, I strongly encourage you to view these videoes otherwise my idea will be quite lost on you:

Basically my idea is to scale Mount Faber & exploit its position as a natural vantage point to really deliver on the 3-dimensional aspect of a “synth”. The various landscape I capture along the gradual altitude-ascent will add to the richness of the end-result. I intend to go 1 full round & span from daybreak to evening, whereby I will reflect 2 aspects of Singapore, dawn & dusk.

Imagine walking up the winding road alongside a hill; albeit slowly taking photos

This way, as the visitor pans through my “synth”, he will experience how the urban landscape transform across a temporal scale. Naturally, I can easily geotag my photos using GeoSetter. It goes without saying I’ve to explicitly introduce a slight pause/interval between shots to improve the accuracy of the geo-tagging as well as lock the exposure & white balance across neighbouring frames so as not to have light grey clouds one moment & cream white clouds the next, etc. I may also have to wait for vehicles & humans to clear my frame.

See how the exposure of the sky is all messed up in this panoramic stitch?

Other ideas I have include snapping the shots on a moving vehicle, ala Google StreetView, maybe using a bicycle or  even a luge. The fine-tuned quality I desire will imply loads of time invested on my part (cant rush this & expect lots of iterations). Too bad I can’t form my team; I wonder if they will allow me to simply attend the workshop & use the software for personal enjoyment.

Imagine touring this in 3D. The transformation of Singapore's urban cityscape from VARIOUS graduated altitudes of Mount Faber. Across the span of a day, you observe the hustle 'n' bustle of the morning vigor transcend into the skyscraper star-scape of the night-life beyond your horizons. From the comfort of your computer, you establish a presence as if you are walking the trail yourself...

  1. paulcsc says:


    My friends and I took part in this competition, here’s our PhotoSynth on Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple –

    Please help to vote for the Voters Choice Award. Open till 19th May 2010 (Wed). Thank you!

    Here’s how to vote:
    – click on the URL above.
    – sign in with your Windows Live ID (e.g. MSN or Hotmail) at the top right.
    – click on the star-shaped button “Add to Favorites” at the bottom right of the synth to vote.

    Currently the top entry is standing at 200 plus votes. We stand at 48 votes.

    The more number of favorites we have, the higher chance of winning.
    Please help to vote now!


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