How I spent my year-end holiday part 6 of 6: My current academic situation

Posted: January 5, 2010 by ralliart12 in academia, Roadblocks
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“It was said that the inability to reciprocate the efforts of your investors, has a profound effect on one’s conscience…”

Just another commonplace failure

Results for last semester has been lacklustre (to put it nicely), as usual. Sometimes, I wonder if my sporadic periods of hard work will ever surface in front of people that have an influence on my future. I don’t even dare to back myself up using my transcript so far, much less put a value on my self-worth. Having no clear direction or concept of what I am adept at in my near-future, will be a very disturbing fact for my investors. My peers will issue positive comments about some of my skill set every now & then, but at times I wonder if lip service is best served with a thick layer of sugar-coating & reality should be staple food for the minds of the rational. My university tour has educated me of my worthlessness in their perspective & it is extremely conspicuous that my profile is of no value to the university’s objectives. It’s al right; my unique experience within my faculties has opened my eyes to their real motives. And once you understand how this school works, the rationale for their programs & their methods will quickly fill the void left by their conscience & moral values. But hey, one may deemed my perspective a bias of my academic standings. Well, opinions tend to be subjective; you are entitled to yours as I am to mine.


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