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This post is now backdated. For continuity, please refer to the following new post.


If you are a Hardwarzone forum member, pls do support me by visiting my thread on Ovi Games (discussion & pseudo-game reviews) at this link & drop a few comments. Thanx.

Now that my exams are over, I’ve a few pertinent items to attend to (arranged in order of priority):

  • Set up my Nokia N97
    • Update its firmware if necessary – Done (implicitly this is also the 1st time I de-brand a Nokia device; I dunno why some people say until it’s a big deal when I, one who have never done it b4, took all of 5mins to find the apps to get the process started). So now the N97 is at firmware level:

    v2.0 is not made available to local sets; have to de-brand to "qualify" for this upgrade

    • Begin my game reviews on Ovi Games
  • Assist R to migrate her contacts from her old cellphone to her current unit
    • Acquire a 4GB microSD for her – Done
    • Extract Contacts from the phonebook from her defunct W910 – Done (in 3 different formats, a nicely-generated PDF list, a PC Suite backup file, i.e. dbk file, & if all else fails, print screen of all 60 phonebk entries)

    Float Mobile Agent can detect all details of the device, even down to individual text messages within the inbox & outbox, but it just couldn't complete one read-cycle of the Phonebook on the onboard memory

    Finally got the "OFFICIAL" Sony Ericsson PC Suite to detect the W910 after some random magic

  • Update the firmware of my iPod Touch 1G to firmware v3.1.2
    • Done! Pleasant surprise included!

    Backup is done. All systems go...

    EULAs that nobody has the time or energy to read

    Downloading the firmware file. Size of 238MB for gen1 Touch is similar to the manually downloaded copy I retrieved from the net.

    & the pleasant surprise is that the device wasn’t wiped of its configuration & data after a firmware update! Even though I expected it to; I even did proper backup procedures & this outcome really does save me a load of work!

  • Update the firmware on my E71 to v400.21.013 – considered Done lah, but some negative repercussions occurred as a result of the new firmware 😦


Taking the leap...

  • Migrate main laptop’s OS to Windows 7 (man, this is gonna be the real kicker)
    • (A lot of) backup required
  • Re-install Windows 7 on my netbook (don’t ask)
  • Train for IPPT
  • Tidy up my room – Done, but further effort is strongly warranted.

Setting up the N97

Received 1 unit of N97; have to assimilate the device into daily production status to proceed with Ovi game reviews ASAP. Steps involve:

  • Synchronising Contacts frm my current production phone (E71) “upstream” towards Ovi Contacts (in the cloud) to ensure the N97 has an up-to-date phonebook to build
  • Archive important sms from E71 so that the material to transfer over via Nokia’s build-in “Switch” application is minimal.
  • 1st power-on initialization
  • Flashing latest firmware onto the device

Flashing firmware v3.1.2 onto my iPod Touch

  • Backup procedure involves
    • Performing screenshots of my applications arrangement
    • Mail notes to oneself.
    • Mailing photos to oneself
    • Recording Mail settings (come to think of it, it’s time I consolidate and document down the settings for all my email accounts so that I do not need to scramble around for their details every time).
    • Shifting all files out of “Files” applications for the time being
  • Recording list of videos to find backup copies of (if necessary) – Really nothing critical
  • Removing redundant files from “iTunes Music” folder
  • Updating iTunes to v9 (& recording iPod Touch’s device name) – not required for firmware upgrade to v3.1.2

Updating firmware of my E71

  • Contacts (restore from Ovi)
  • Email account settings
  • Onboard (ring)tones & contact photos
  • Home screen arrangement
  • Themes (screenshots showing which 2 are primaries)
  • List of Apps (& of course, the sis[x] installer files themselves)
  • Miscellaneous settings screenshots (for individual apps, menu configuration, profiles, notification lights, keylock, GPS methods, etc)


This is, unfortunately, very reminiscent of Windows application installation

Nokia Messaging came with the new firmware, while the user interface is flashy & convenient, there is a certain learning curve & the service isn't free beyond a 30-day trial for the E71 model. Have encountered problems with Garmin Mobile XT on this new firmware too, i.e. importing of personal GPX files hangs regardless of installing v5.00.40, v5.00.50, or even 5.00.60 onto this newly-flashed unit. Lastly, all the Ovi & new Nokia Messaging component is very data plan-centric, i.e. they always try to connect over a (3G) data connection as opposed to a WLAN access point, which I dislike.

UPDATE: Managed to import in an older copy of my “current.gpx” (6kb) file into the Garmin MobileXT installation on the newly-flashed phone. Appears then, that my latest “current.gpx” (302kb), is either corrupted or too huge to re-import. Well, better a partial list of personal waypoints than totally having no waypoints restored…

Migrating my production system over to Win7 Ultimate

  • Hmm…how to do such a massive backup…[this time round, I’m relying on the cloud in a major way for my system migration, i.e. I’ve some on-going projects that I will stored in my Dropbox so that they are available to other Points of Access while my production laptop is down; Firefox bookmarks will be restored by Xmarks]
  • Still need to test whether that Windows 7 is capable of Updates
  • & then we have to tackle the issue of Microsoft Office 2007 Enterprise
  • Leviathans: OS itself, interfacing drivers (SDHC capability how?) , Firefox (for god’s sake please reduce no. of add-ons), Adobe CS4 (critical to install very early on), Office 2007 Enterprise (perhaps dun alter that ‘Save as’ settings no more?)
  • Behemoths: Opera (userJS), iTunes
  • Goliaths: Data consolidation, extensive screen capture of device manager’s configuration (it’s gonna be a whole new ballgame…)
  • Davids: uTorrent, 7-zip, VLC, SignSIS, MyDefrag, Nero (!)

Lose some weight & train for impending IPPT

Note to self: I realized if I maintain a CONSTANT speed of 12km/h, I will be able to pass my 2.4km station.

  • Deactivate use of elevator (on the other hand, my local elevator tends to deactivate itself frequently too)
  • Do NOT forget chin-ups
  • Work out order-of-stations to attempt
  • Book once 2.4km is comfortably no longer an issue

Scratch all these…I found a very motivating Youtube channel that is inspiring, threatening, & taunting at the same time. Here 1 of the less-intense training video:

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