How I spent my year-end holiday part 4 of 6: Within my acquaintance circle

Posted: December 8, 2009 by ralliart12 in ScratchPad, Technopia
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SY asked me for portable hard disk recommendation. I recommended Buffalo Ministation & Freecom ToughDrive because both models has integrated USB cords, shock-protection for the internal hard disk (for both specific models, the internal hard disk is actually “floating” on 4 foam support rails such that impact from the outside is mitigated as it traverses along the foam rails). The Freecom ToughDrive was my favourite candidate because its USB cord wrap-around is so nicely designed that it will not protrude from the dimensions of the casing. It also comes in a nice grippy rubber coating so that the arsehol that tries to knock it off your desk is not gonna have his way.



CY asked me why his girlfriend’s newly-purchased portable hard disk is not detected by her system. I told him perhaps the hard disk is tired? I also prescribed the usual troubleshooting steps, i.e. connect directly to an USB port instead of a hub, use Disk Management console to see whether the volume is detected but not auto-mounted, etc.

Provided port-forwarding guide as well as Wireless@SG account sign-up information for MH, whom recently jumped over to Singtel Mio plan.


Some guy from NTU asked me to recommend physical QWERTY phones to him & he seems intent on re-contracting for a new phone after one year. He was interested in the E71 but I strongly advised him to wait for another year to pass so that he can enjoy a 2-year recontractual price on a E72 with a much more mature firmware. Nonetheless he really wants to recontract now & buy directly from singtelshop online, even though I reminded him of the already-inflated price & the lowly $100 recontract rebate. His money not mine. Asked about the BlackBerry, & some HTC devices as well, he did. In the end, have to spend a while explaining to him the concept of “Push Mail”. Curiously enough, one of his considerations for the incoming device was whether the sound of its camera shutter can be easily hacked to silent. Hmm…

Inquisitive NTU chap

Actually this fellow from NTU also asked me a lot of stuff…very inquisitive chap. & he’s studying computing at NTU & ALSO have to undergo RT as well; perhaps that’s why I feel an affinity towards him?…

I may need to migrate S’s laptop to Windows 7 soon as well…her system is sluggish & running low on disk space…


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