These are the hoops I jump through to board any nearest MRT

Posted: August 6, 2009 by ralliart12 in Roadblocks
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I can WALK to JE MRT stn in half an hour!

I can WALK to JE MRT stn in half an hour!

1st, I try service no. 98 & realises the next bus is due in 9mins & if I missed it, I have to wait 29mins net for another one. I frantically packed my stuff & even went a stop downstream to ensure I’ve a good buffer for the 98 arriving soon. Halfway to the downstream bus stop, I saw 98 zoomed past!

Nvm, I’ll walk ~1km further to get to another bus stop that has service no. 52, 105, 183. Which will allow me to reach Clementi MRT station instead of Jurong East MRT station (which was what 98’s for). There is a huge cross-junction before my new bus stop destination & as I wait there I saw 105 & 183 veering right across my path to that bus stop! (I couldn’t cross; red light for pedestrian)

I waited. Devasted. At that loathsome traffic light. But SBS Transit just want to kick me when I’m down: right before I can cross, 52 comes along and ensured me, that I wouldn’t be able to catch it even if I run. I really freakin’ wondered why SBS Transit can’t stagger their bus services which share a good portion of similar routes!


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