Sometimes, some people just dunno how to “close one eye”

Posted: July 17, 2009 by ralliart12 in Roadblocks, ScratchPad
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I was watching a social documentary (I think it is called “Focus” or something) on Channel 8 and this particular episode showcased a topic that piqued my interest: old folks selling tissue packets illegally along the streets being rounded up by NEA/HDB officers. Now, I do not wish to keep typing “NEA/HDB officers” repetitively throughout this entire post, so let’s just call them scumbags for short. Apparently, those old folks which is sonic-paced nation has pretended to forget, are now reduced to poor vagrants trudging along the streets to sell tissue packets in exchange for a less-than-decent livelihood. And apparently, our government determines that those senior citizens require a license to earn their living this way. So our government sent the scumbags to issue fines to those poor folks.

From a portion of the show, where one poor soul was being interviewed, he reproduced the summon letter which was typed in impeccable English, that declares he being fined $300 for his act. The uncle mentioned that the kind scumbag informed him that he can goto HDB to apply for a license to continue doing this legally. I was thinking, hey, if a one-time paperwork can save the uncle from any further trouble, why not. Until it was revealed in the letter that the license is to be renewed annually for $120!

So, I’m confused. I understand that many activities in Singapore require a license, i.e. owning a TV, using the radio in your automobile (yes, I learnt of this only recently), operating a foodstall, operating a night bazaar stall, etc. However, all these acts are consuming resources from the nation, i.e. electricity, properly-built stalls, broadcasted media, satellites, etc. So I was extremely perplexed, to say the least, why an old folk, moving from place to place, or even sitting along the street, not using any electricity or even any form of permanent shelter, selling items that he has acquired using whatever is left of his own financial resources, has to be taxed by our government in the form of a license??? Even the cardboard that they used to sheltered their parched skins are probably salvaged from a refuse elsewhere!

These folks are mostly low-educated. The corporations of this ruthless nation wouldn’t spare a thought, much less a position for them. So why tax them for simply, “existing”? Are they bothering the conscience of this nation’s government? I remembered a famous old man saying, “there are no beggars along the streets of Singapore.” So I presume this is his way of enforcing a no-nonsense outlaw, an unsympathetic eviction of his fellow countrymen (while welcoming more pests from foreign lands to scrummage amongst our homeland)? You may wonder why my disgust is distributed to those scumbags as well, since they are only executing the orders of their masters…well, apparently, we have laws here, that is above the remorse of social morals. What do you do, when the law is “wrong”? I, for one, cannot bring myself to carry out instructions that are obviously flawed in their ethics. When found in such a position that compromises their personal integrity against their ricebowl, I believe these scumbags can choose to negotiate a breathing room in their execution by “closing one eye”? I dunno, I hope I will never land myself in such a position to make such a decision. Perhaps the scumbags who can’t realise the errors of these tyrant laws, are the same scumbags that lacked a certain finesse to realise that the terminally unemployed old folk may not have the comprehension skills to understand the English typed in that dreadful letter?

Beggars & the unwilling unemployed should first be the concerns of their children, and then the issues of the nations’ government. The government refused to render them assistance by claiming that their children are in a “moderate-to-high income bracket”. But it fails to recognise that some children may be heartless enough to let their parents die out in the streets while they roam alongside them in their continentals and fine suits. These unfilial children should be publicly linked to their suffering parents! Use the nation media for these! Give that paper more purpose than lining the bottom of bird cages! And then, if all else fails, I strongly believe that if building a nation is teamwork, it is the responsibility of the government to take care of those who are not given the means to contribute (poorly-educated, handicapped, etc). If a country can’t even do this properly, I believe there is but nowhere else to look when seeking out those that are accountable for this social entropy.

I know now, where those people can’t close one eye…it’s not because they are inflexible; it’s because they need both eyes constantly wide open to look out for the Karma that will collide with them. Sooner or later.


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