Posted: July 14, 2009 by ralliart12 in academia, Roadblocks, ScratchPad
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$29.95 before 20% discount from GNC membership card

$29.95 before 20% discount from GNC membership card

I’m sorry I couldn’t think of a more apt title. You know your life sucks when almost daily, your posts can be “filed” under the “Roadblocks” section. Anyway, decided to try some “Triple Cod Liver oil”. Hope it enhances my well-being. Didn’t buy the “Fish Body oils” in the end even though it has a much bigger discount (40%, as compared to 20% on the former due to a GNC discount card from a “friend of a friend”), as it lacks Vitamins A & D. Went to cancel my CapitaCard as the annual waivers had long worn off and I’m not rich enough to support a bank by $25 each year. Ended up with an “enhanced” ATM card nonetheless. I suppose DBS/POSB die die wants loads of cash flow (through their banks). Sooner or later I’m gonna find a way to severe all ties with DBS…now that their interest rates have dropped to an industry-low. Still wanna eat my $2 every month…

The Go card...my next aim, the go-away card

The "Go" card...my next aim, the "go-away" card

Got bad news from NUS that I didn’t managed to secure one of my critical modules from the Module Preference Exercise (MPE). I’m beginning to suspect NUS is incapable of delivering good news to me. I need to clear this module so that I can take Statistcs next semester, which happens to be my last semester, so that I can graduate. I thought this MPE was established to assist graduating students to secure their critical modules?! Or is this some sublime way of NUS warning me that I have no hopes of graduating? NUS, I have 2 words for you: Sugar Gli…darrrrr!!!!!


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