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Posted: July 10, 2009 by ralliart12 in Filmstrip
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ticket stubs

ticket stubs

Terminator SalvationMr. Bales totally carried over his Dark Knight persona, kinda no effort on his part. Begins to dislike him because learnt from Wikipedia that he is not supposed to play John Connor initially. This sequel severely lacks the humour and “human” feel of previous Terminator movies. Arnold is still the “life” of the series.

Transformers: RotFRobots look cool. Favourite scene is when SideSwipe sliced Sideways into two (yes, that R8 is NOT Barricade, & no, SideSwipe is not a Corvette Stingray Concept; he’s a Centennial). However, beyond that, feel that all the fancy animations and US military fanfare is just a cover-up for lack of plot. Luckily, this “cover-up” is solid enough to capture my attention for over 2hrs. Looks like once again, be it aliens or alien robots, only the US citizens need to worry.

Pelham 123Denzel Washington & John Travolta. ‘Nuff said. Denzel got plumber I tink, while Travolta manages to show off his latest Breitling endorsement. As agreed between my fren & I, a single small twist can make the movie an instant hit…too bad.

Ice Age 3: Dawn of the DinosaursExpensive tickets for a cheap 3D experience. Glasses should be wiped/polished after each screening. Felt that the film did not fully exploit the 3D effect but story-wise, a slightly above-average, very “family” plotline. Personally, felt the show could be missed…not as funny as I wanted it to be.

Ghosts of Girlfriend PastIt’s more chick flick than your average chick flick. Extremely cliché. It has cemented my suspicion that Matthew McConaughey is forever typecast. My old favourite, the forever lovely Mrs. Jennifer Garner, was a saving grace.


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