Computer. Fixer.

Posted: July 8, 2009 by ralliart12 in Roadblocks
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Right after everything is done then BSOD. Tamago.

Right after everything is done then BSOD. Tamago.

So after settling a couple of miscellaneous items for my cousin’s desktop system & securing a new cellphone for S, I decided to keep the momentum going and proceeded to fix up an old desktop system for my parents to use. I got all flustered trying to figure out how to get RAID and AHCI working until I realized my parents dun really give a damn about data redundancy and Native CommandQueueing (NCQ) for SATA drives. Geez…sometimes must really take a step back & not be too “obsessed”. However, despite the sincerest of my intentions, Luck will have it that the system will start throwing BSODs the moment the operating system was up & running with all the hefty updates downloaded & installed.

UPDATE: Finally figured out what was wrong; one of the HDD was failing and causing the system some “hardware distress”. No more BSODs upon removal of said HDD.

Still owe my cousin the following requests:

  • Recover his portable 2.5″ ext. HDD
  • Find a new cellphone for him to upgrade to
  • Find a replacement for his portable  media player
  • Whatever his office computer system needs fixing

Oh yah, my mum wants internet on the new system too. She’s browsing for a webpage & she told me it begins with “www.”

Another day bah.

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