Alternative to Fishing

Posted: July 8, 2009 by ralliart12 in ScratchPad
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Sorry to Mr. Fish.

Sorry to Mr. Fish.

Found something cheaper than fishing (what with the need to find good ponds, high pond rates as fish are more expensive, rod & reel & lure, boat trips, etc)…& it’s Prawn Fishing. The pond I frequent is the one in Sin Ming Ave, Bishan. Though the location is close to an hour’s ride away, I do have a direct bus there (service no.52). Rates are pretty reasonable, i.e. I always go $30 for 3hr anyway and the catch rate was acceptable. I went twice & all I can say is, unless you dun cast, you will not return home empty-handed. Environment is sheltered and I believe there are more than 4 ponds around, which is more than enough on a weekday. Chairs are aplenty and BBQ pits are available. There is also a very adorable cat and a whimpy dog that resides there. Size of prawns are varied and there are definitely big ones. But the average-sized ones shrunk a lot when cooked.

Ah…nothing beats listening to podcasts, chewing on Subway cookies and tight lines the entire afternoon away…

  1. Snowangel says:

    I love prawning too! It’s a good way to chill the afternoon away, with great company & music, some snacks & drinks…it’s really very satisfying when u hook up ur catch =) however, it can be an expensive hobby + the shrunken-when-cooked prawns are not delicious at all.

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