NTS: Another update for E71

Posted: May 4, 2009 by ralliart12 in Ring-ding
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Should be performing another firmware update of my Nokia E71 after my papers. This time round, let’s keep things fresh and simple:

  • 1. All sms to be archived, none to be restored.
  • 2. Backup should be divided into the following 4 categories:
  1. PIM: Contacts & Calendar events (both settled by Ovi), Email accounts (no choice, copy down settings and manually re-create)
  2. Personalization: Themes (dunno how) and ring- & sms-tones (extract and restore accordingly)
  3. Apps: get latest version of Garmin, get the latest community POIs as well, remember to backup map[s]); as for the rest, dun install too much lah, remember to screenshot settings for CClock.
  4. Media: Photos, Videos, songs? Everything is on memory card mah

I will still perform a FULL backup via PC Suite, just that I will NOT restore from it as I wanna start fresh.


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