Projects = Deadlines + Hard Work – Sleep?

Posted: March 3, 2009 by ralliart12 in academia

Overview of My Assignment Statuses

CS3253 Tutorial Presentation: next week; dunno tutorial questions yet, but should be manageable

CS3253 Group Project: Done & over with (We-Key)

CS3264 Group Project: Officially adopted as pet project; difficulty – moderate; progress: steady; presentation difficulty – super easy if my proposal is accepted 😉

CS4253 Group Project: Slightly > a month left; difficulty – high, i.e. client set mandate to clinch deals but provide limited freedom to modify product pricing model.

CS4255 Group Project: DUFN (Dead Until Further Notice); negative progress; intervention req’d; but 1st, damage control for THIS Thursday

CS4267 Group Project: Summary done; waiting for confirmation of word limit for summary alone; remaining portions should be of manageable difficulty requiring minimal meet-ups

CS4267 Problem Set II: Impending; difficulty – unknown


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