Still looking for camera and iPod and amp pouch

Posted: February 16, 2009 by ralliart12 in Pod dock, ScratchPad
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After a couple of weeks, scouring Cathay Photo Peninsula, John 3:16, major electronic department stores like Harvey Norman, Courts and Best Denki, CaseLogic @ Clarke Quay, I still did not manage to locate a pouch for my camera and iPod rig. the Lowepro bags are really nicely designed, i.e. I like their orange/grey- & black color scheme, but some of them are too squarish.

I guess I’m also partially at fault because I can’t decide what kinda camera bag am I really seeking, i.e. a standalone bag to hold just my camera, a lightly bigger stand-alone bag to hold my camera AND iPod rig, or a camera bag that can be thrown inside my main backpack? Hard time finding nice, sturdy neck strap too…

It was even worse trying to find a case for my iPod + amp rig. The protruding bend of the inter-connect proves to lengthen the minimum-required perimeter of the setup unnecessarily, while the iPod touch, which needs to have the touch-screen accessible every now and then (for video viewing, web browsing, etc) proves another challenge. The closest purpose-built contraption is the AmpSack from Jaben, but due to my previous experience with them, they have earn the last of my dollars. Besides, $7x for that black boring design that translates into a walking advertisement, seems over-priced (u can get a Crumpler for this, but then again, a Crumpler isn’t purpose-built).

An idea struck me while I was revising for CS3253 today. Suppose I propose a solution that is similar to the AmpSack but estimated to be ard $20 less? I have a rough idea, but that involves more shopping…let’s see what blooms from this budding spark…

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