Birthday wishes

Posted: February 16, 2009 by ralliart12 in ScratchPad
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Came to recall that I actually didn’t wish for anything at all for my past 2 birthdays. Realise this nonchalance was due to a fear of “wasting” birthday wishes unnecessarily on material wants and not meaningful needs. Well, I found a couple of things to wish for (not that any supreme being owe me any possible fulfilment in any way):

I wish that…

  1. None of the people I know loses their job
  2. My 2 nieces grow up to be strong & healthy & intelligent.

As a matter of fact, I realise most of my lesser wants can really be easily accomplished using money…so I picked the 2 above to “expend” my long overdue birthday wishes on…let’s hope they come true!

  1. SnOwAnGeL says:

    That’s really generous of u… placing others above self. *thumbs-up*

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