Wishing every1 a prosperous Lunar New Year!

Posted: January 25, 2009 by ralliart12 in academia, Roadblocks
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Finally...I can escape from this nonsense...

Finally...I can escape from this nonsense...

Just a little update on my life on Lunar New Year’s eve:…

I’m still waiting for my custom earphones. As of this post, I’ve just finished “celebrating” the full-2-mth anniversary of this seemingly-futile wait. From January & now I’ve been enjoying the wonderful game of “email-ping-pong” with the main company, Hearyourself, and my middleman company. My acquaintance, whose order is the same batch as mine, is also getting frustrated.After a month of his order, he received 3 deadline (extensions) promises from the middlemen and as of now, 2 has already been broken without explanation. As for me, I’m simply numb already from all this pondering. I did not request for any further deadlines as I dun like to force people to come up with promises, business agreements they can’t seem to keep. Oh well, if it comes, it will come. Otherwise, rest assure I will demand my money back. As a matter of fact, I strongly regretted getting custom earphones, as the sum of money will do well to aid me in my current financial haemorrahge. But alas! That sum of money has already been used to buy a lot of waiting, lying, mis-promises & frustration.

As for the community, wah, totally gone case liaoz lahz! For those who have the privileges to read my protected post earlier, & felt/know the same feelings, I can only say the forum is degrading to a blatant crude advertisement. My posts on another forum(int’l) were stalked and that made me extremely uncomfortable. So, having no online territory to roam, only means I yearn to leave this scene all the much earlier. Well, as soon as I get what I paid for…& no, I decided not to release the protected post earlier, even though it will help reveal the truth and enlighten the mislead, I fear that if my presence can be tracked online, I’m worried what the fan-boys can do to me if they run into me on the streets, i.e. throw burning flames onto my iPod? You never know, as we can see, there are a lot of rich, misguided, immature characters in the world, who can type out wonderful convincing lies to ensnare newbies from the confines of their keyboard, & should they fail to coerce their “religion” onto others in real life, I shudder to imagine what they may resort to…

I do wish to point out one thing: it’s extremely suspicious when everytime someone post an idea that has negative conjunture against the host company in the forums, the same people will always post a reply that is unrelated/non-constructive towards the thread, most often in the form of an advertisement. Then when other members go off-topic, these same folks are the 1st to point fingers. Well, actually, I’ll like to point a certain finger back at these hypocrites as well, but aiyah, let them suffer in real life bah. I can only say if you dare to bother me or my loved ones, I have a ton of “evidence” to release to the public.

So just waiting for my purchases to come, then off I leave…

On a totally unrelated note, many of my new lecturers for this semester, turned out to be unpleasant surprises. 2 are Koreans, 1 is PRC, 1 is drunk & left only 1 that’s Singaporean. I’ll say the Singaporean is the best, but u’ll say I’m biased. But he really does make the late Wednesday lectures very enjoyable. 1 of the Koreans seems to love working on our Saturdays for no apparent reason. The PRC one stumbles a bit with the lecturing/speaking, but luckily the subject matter is interesting to me. The drunk one is…1 of a kind…see to believe…

& as usual, facing massive financial haemorrahge here. Textbooks for this semester are very expensive, among other things…the course requirements for this semester seems to be crazy as well…


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