Windows 7 ~ Day 1: not exciting, BUT rather stable

Posted: January 15, 2009 by ralliart12 in 1-hour notebook
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Just installed Windows 7 Beta (Build 7000) this morning. Extremely fast process, i.e. download of 2.44GB took me half an hour, actual installation inclusive of 1 round of Windows Update took 1hr). In contrast, had wasted a lot of time getting GPartEd to resize my existing XP partition to no avail(used Partition Magic in the end with no hiccup).

Did not waste a piece of DVD to burn the ISO, mount the image from within existing XP partition using Daemon Tools Lite to install into newly created blank partition. NO problems with mounted-image-install even when setup restarts the computer. Dual-boot boot-up interface automatically created without deliberation. Very nice. Effortless.

Was very worried about device drivers b4 installation(furthermore, I’m on a laptop). However, only 3 unknown device appeared in Device Mgr post-installation. With 2 rounds of Windows Update, everything’s settled, i.e. no exclamation mark. My worries were unfounded and my risk (of just going ahead) was duly rewarded. Extremely impressed.

System performance(mostly UI interaction) is generally very responsive. UI is extremely Vista-like but no lag at all, on my laptop’s nVidia GeForce Go 7400M. All this maybe nothing until you realise my “Windows Experience Index” is 2.0:

X11's Windows Experience Index

X11's Windows Experience Index

Anyway, “I like it a lot”. Have Firefox 3.1 Beta, Google Chrome, Windows Live Essentials (including WLM 2009) installed almost immediately and everything runs smooth! Like I said, it’s nothing exciting, but it just does its job very well, “silently”. Like my E-series phone. And that’s saying a lot for the company who dared to sell Vista.


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