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Posted: January 11, 2009 by SnOwAnGeL in Tummilicious
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To celebrate my dad’s bday & knowing that my mum likes to have a bird’s eye view of the city, I decided to bring them to the Si Chuan Dou Hua Chinese restaurant on the 60th floor of UOB Plaza =)

The entire restaurant has a very traditional Chinese interior, with overhanging oriental lamps and plush carpeted floors and doorway arches. Here’s where we sat…

Here’s what we ordered:

Dad ordered his favourite Pu Er Cha. Professional tea pourers are a unqiue characteristic of the Si Chuan Dou Hua restaurant chain. The novelty is that they use kettles with very long spouts while dishing out hot water straight to our tea cups. *swoosh*

Eight Treasure Seafood Soup – The soup looks weird as it looks greenish. Maybe they added ground spinach to the soup? It tasted exactly like shark’s fin soup (which I love!), a tad starchy with tiny bits and pieces of various kinds of seafood (scallops, fish maw, crabmeat etc). Well, I can’t exactly make out what was within the ingredients… Overall, it’s quite a tasty soup which bears the signature dish tag adequately.

Peking Duck – Yummy! That was my initial reaction after popping a slice of the skin wrapped a crepe into my mouth. The skin wasn’t superbly crispy but it tasted good nonetheless. The meat was tender and juicy =) We had to order a whole duck for the 4 of us coz it’s the only option. Well, we were quite full after finishing about 18 crepes (with either meat or skin wrapped within).

We opted to stir fry the remains of the duck. The stir fried part actually was a good accompaniment to our fried rice (with crabmeat) coz it’s a little salty. Hmm, guess it should go perfectly with porridge …

We also ordered a side dish of stir-fried sea cucumber with fish maw. Surprisingly, the fish maw is the fresh kind, unlike the ones that I usually consume (dried). Hmm, kinda unique…

The perfect ending: Freshly made fine douhua (Beancurd) served with wolfberry syrup or water chestnut. Simple yet delectable.

Dinner was great! Think both of them are quite impressed by the posh restaurant, yet don’t feel too out of the place. I always feel very happy when they enjoy the places that I bring them to =) By the way, in the midst of having our dinner, we were lucky to have the company of fireworks, which was part of the NDP rehearsal not far away. But the view was very limited due to the narrow design of the restaurant’s oriental window. Hmm, shouldn’t they make full use of the superb location and height of the restaurant by having wider glass panels?

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