Singnet failed to solve my connection issue

Posted: January 10, 2009 by ralliart12 in Roadblocks, Technopia
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2701HGV-E (white), 2700HGV-2 (grey)

2701HGV-E (white), 2700HGV-2 (grey)

Some time ago I re-contracted with Singnet to order to upgrade to their 8mbps plan but at a lower price than my current (I’m was paying $47 for 3.5mbps). I was using their 2wire modem then, as I was “selected” to participate in their MioTv rollout in my [HDB] block. One grey 2700HGV-2 was issued to me for a 6-mth period (plan still remains as SNBB 3500). At first I dun wanna join one, cos I very skeptical about these trials, lucky draws, etc; last minute they bill you for something u also dunno…then scarcely I cannot opt out. But the CSO was very persistent, and he promoted the fact that I get to keep the wireless modem after the trial period expires, so I agreed. Having a wireless network in my residence turns out to be very useful later, i.e. jailbreaking my iPod Touch, surfing Internet in my kitchen to the company of a cuppa, etc.

Anyway, time flies, trial period expires, turn of an eye and my broadband plan is eligible for extension. The 8mbps plan was going for a promo price of $36 and the SNBB 3500 plan has been retro-fitted into a 3mpbs plan. I went for the 8mbps one and a newer “Miobox” came along with it. It’s actually a 2wire 2701HGV-E. Anyway the technician who came to setup my modem also damn one kind lah: when he saw my existing 2wire, he kinda dun wanna install, saying the older grey model is better as it has better ventilation. I refuse to let him scrimp on this effort and countered with, “I intend to test the performance difference between the different models; pls help me set it up & should I prefer the old one I shall revert them myself”. I’ve always been very onfident of my extremely stable connection and the new white “Miobox” did not affected this confidence. Initially.

Then a month back, my connection went haywire. I started experiencing what typical Singnet customers always complain about: frequent DC, low torrenting speed, etc. This was disconcerting to me and the problem became more obvious as a short while after each lagness and DC, the “Internet” LED on the “Miobox” always kena red light, as below:

Internet LED indicator shows red

Internet LED indicator shows red

At the onset of these occurrences, I was easy-going but as they became more frequent and regular, I have no choice but to contact SNBB tech support. They sent somebody down to do line check for me. Was a nice uncle, came with a device that resembles a parking ticket issuing machine. Says my line was fine; went through my modem settings, mentioned ONE setting tripped, I tink it’s this one:



He informed me he adjusted back to correct figures lah, but a couple of days later the same DC-with-red-Internet-LED issue still occur. Then bo bian lor, if line no problem, then is modem liao. Called up Singnet BB technical helpdesk again. Was informed cannot change modem like that, must do another line check to verify really not line issue, THEN I bring down modem to Malifax Technology(2wire’s main company) to exchange. But after further discussion was informed that since this 2wire is branded as a “Mio” device Singnet will take care of it and perform the 1-to-1 exchange with me without requiring my personal effort. As always, I double verified with the CSO on the other end, that a technician will come down to perform a 2nd line check, upon a positive diagnosis conduct a 1-to-1 exchange of my Miobox with the new modem whiich he will be bringing along with him. the CSO confirmed readily.

Singnet technicians came down twice. Problem UNsolved.

Singnet technicians came down twice. Problem UNsolved.

On the day of service, the technician was 40mins late; & I was a bit pissed as my holidays were ending and spare time is precious. When he arrived at my door-step with nothing but a folder, I was shocked. So, even with a positive line check result, he have no new modem to swap with me. Of course, we do not have to worry about that since he did NOT even bring the line check device (I noted this as I’ve experienced a real line check before mah)! This is rather disturbing, unprofessional and disappointing since I’ve verified with the CSO before. The technician even told me my case was not indicated to require a new mdoem be brought along, as shown on his job list. So, apparently someone screwed up somewhere. From this point onwards I knew it was pointless, even though he appeared to be checking my modem’s settings. Of course, he couldn’t find anything, cos it’s a god-damn hardware failure! At the very end I did not even get a verification that a second line check was passed with flying colours (which made sense because he didn’t do nothing!), and merely received a service report indicating the technician was here (most important point to them)!

Called up Singnet helpdesk to make a din the next morning. Managed to convinced them to get a Malifax fellow to come down to perform a 1-to-1 exchange of my modem, of which became an experience that was to be rather pleasant…

  1. Sylbestian says:

    Hey, i almost have the same problem as you. My previous line was fine and the download was fast, gaming is smooth even in other countries. However i from 3mb tp 8mb, my download speed is slow, often DC,during midnight and night time lag very very badly, gaming lags a lot ! I called that technician came down 3 times also no use, they say line no problem. Went to change modem with malifax, got rejected too. WORST IS TILL NOW PROBLEM UNSOLVED. Can i ask you is your problem solved yet? if so, are able to tell me how?

    • ralliart12 says:

      Hi Sylbestian, your situation sounds EXACTLY e same as mine, i.e. connection quality diminishes after upgrading from 3 to 8mbps. My concern for your situation is:

      1. Did 3 different technician came down to do the 3 line checks for you?
      2. Did they really do a physical line check with a hand-held device that resembles a parking ticket issuance machine?
      3. Why did your request to change modem with Malifax got denied?

      U should keep calling Singnet until Singnet arranged on your behalf for Malifax to come down to exchange modem for you. You shouldn’t have to liaise with Malifax directly yourself.

      Recently my white Miobox 2wire modem went cranky again, hence currently I swapped back to my ol’ grey 2wire 2700HGV-2 & the connection is acceptable. Though back when I was on SNBB3500 it was the best connection I ever had. Now it’s “okay” only…

  2. wills says:

    my family is facing the same problem over and over
    while using the old thomson modem keep DC like every 20-30 mins
    then weeks ago, we change it to the “so call” new miobox.
    but the horrible part are… the guy that came to install
    left the mio box set up in a funny position….
    he didnt even set it up the correct way .
    he just plug the mio box on and that.. is
    he didnt even connect it to the computer for us.
    he just try it on on the laptop he brought and told my mom, which she dont even understand english, that guy is a chinese. why cant he speak chinese to my mom or anyone that dont understand english ? is such a shame . when i reached home in the afternoon.
    found the mio box set up on the floor, half way of nowhere. cant understand why he set it up that way ? the phone jack is all set up and all he need is to place the mio box next to it that all.
    why he have to place the mio box on the floor… and then my mom told me she cant watch tv at all.
    so i have to try to reinstall it myself anf found out that , that stupid guy actually unplugged the phone , no wonder the phone was so quiet for the whole day .
    then when i called them up. they keep telling me to left my contact numbers and they will get back to me.. so far till today.. noone actually called.
    i wonder what singtel had been doing ..
    but the nightmare didnt stop there.
    now….. my internet is so slow, much slower then the old 5mp. and its DC every 20-30 mins too .
    and when i off the damn modem and on again. its take long time to start up.
    even on the mio tv .
    have to wait like 10-15 mins,.
    i felt so cheated and stupid. when they want you to recontract, they told u so many good thing and so on till the pig can fly .
    after when u recontract.. they dont even care about us anymore .
    why isnt the IDA do something about all this ?? what for talk so much and yet just sit there and dont do anything ??

    • ralliart12 says:

      Hi wills, as a matter of fact, IF it is only Broadband internet service that your family has subscribed to & NOT the whole “Mio TV/Mio Home package”, then from my experience, the technician ONLY need to configure this portion of the modem’s console for you:


      After keying in your Singnet login credentials, selecting the appropriate connection type & provided your broandband service on Singnet’s end is already activated, technically you can hookup any computing device to your miobox modem via an Ethernet cable & start surfing. Most of the time, the Singnet technician is likely to have configure a home wireless network for you as well b4 he left. At the end of this entire procedure (which is “correct btw), it may appear that the technician has not done anything but connect the miobox to a phoneline & power source. In addition, you mention he didn’t connect any PCs to your miobox so it’s even more likely that he setup a WLAN in your house for you. Probably check with your mother if he left a slip containing the network SSID & passphrase for wireless connection. As for the miobox resting in a funny position, that is of no material consequences. I’m not defending Singnet, but just letting you see how the entire process could have resulted in the final scene you reached home to discover. Of course, if you got the entire Mio Home service package, then I dunno liaoz.

      For the 2nd part of your comment, assuming the fellow is indeed capable of conversing in mandarin & failed to do so after being aware of your mother’s language proficiencies, then I will agree he is unprofessional. However, why did you not arrange the setup to be synchronized with your presence at home? Delving further into your reply, I believe you did indeed subscribed to the entire Mio Home service package, then the way the technician left things sounds pretty haphazard to me. I will suggest you request for another appointment with another Singnet technician to re-setup your home’s services absolutely correctly instead of meddling with them connections by yourself.

      Ppl have remarked that 2wire modems are crappy but I’ve had mixed experiences with them. I’ve two 2wire modems & while the newer, white miobox edition failed me; my older 2700HGV-2 model is still going strong. With regards to your slower-than-usual internet access, have u tried connecting different PCs to the modem directly via Ethernet cable & testing the speed via In addition, please verify your miobox’s console as shown at this screen:


      is “up-to-par” with what you are paying subscription fees for. The speeds bordered in red dictates the maximum capability of your miobox setup. IF it is lower than what you are paying for, then something is configured very wrongly. You are not stupid, neither is your service provider a nitwit, i.e. which seller will not praise his own products in order to promote a retail contract. As for IDA’s willingness to administer regulation to Singtel, I’m sure deep down inside, we are all well aware of the true answer. Nonetheless, I hope your next encounter with Singnet’s technician will result in a better resolution of your situation.

  3. Evan says:

    hi there, i’m facing alot of disconnection problem with this modem too, wonder if you can help me? when i recontracted with singnet, they didn’t set up the modem for me. they just sent someone to deliver it and i was expected to set it up on my own, which is fine coz its pretty straightforward. but shortly after that, i face disconnection problems for abt 3 times a day, usually is 8 hr interval. i called the helpdesk once, they just did a simple “troubleshooting” which under control panel >network connection > right click on ‘LAN>properties then told me to input a set of numbers under the TCP/IPv6 and TCP/IPv4. but apparently it didn’t help. after that they keep pushing the responsibility to the modem manufacturer (as usual), saying if it doesn’t help i need to bring it down to get it checked. which i refuse.

    will you be able to suggest anything? you mentioned above about configuring the modem console, can we do it ourselves or they hv to do it on their side? speed wise i’m getting what i paid for, its the frequent disconnection thats the biggest headache. judging from the no. of similar results i googled, how come is it that singnet aren’t doing anything to rectify this problem at all? i’m sure my phone line has got no problem coz previously i was on 3Mbps and using an old old black siemens modem, i didn’t face any d/c problem at all!

    thx in advance for yr help.

    • ralliart12 says:

      Hi Evan, I’m ABOUT TO receive another modem frm SingNet this Sat for another household & they once again, emphasized that it will be a SingPOST delivery & they will not setup the modem for me (since it’s a postman). SingNet mentioned I can call 1688 to ask for technical assistance for setting up the modem. Hence, my near-future experience seems to match your experience as well (just-deliver-you-set-it-up-yourself).

      I’ve a few questions to troubleshoot your “regular” disconnections:

      Qn1. when you said “disconnect”, do you mean the 2Wire modem completely reboots, i.e. “click” sound then power off-then-on again? Or do you mean ONLY the “Internet” indicator LED goes red/off?

      Qn2. Have u observe what you are doing on your computer right around the time of disconnection? i.e. torrenting, scheduled large downloads, etc?

      Qn3. What’s the exact model of your 2Wire modem? It’s printed near the bottom of the front panel.

      And a few things I wanna point out as well:

      Pt1. Since you mentioned “which under control panel >network connection > right click on ‘LAN>properties then told me to input a set of numbers under the TCP/IPv6 and TCP/IPv4.”, I tink they are either trying to configure your Internet Explorer’s “Internet Options” to use SingNet’s proxy server or configure your system’s ‘overall’ DNS server IP. Either way will not solve your issue if your issue has to deal with a faulty modem/phone line/switch box in the first place.

      Pt2. Well, you know these providers, i.e. when there are many players along the value delivery chain, they will always try to ping pong/tachi the blame to other companies. Of course SingNet’s customer service is likely to be structured so that they will not have to send a technician down to your house, i.e. incurring manpower costs. As a comparison, I tried calling StarHub’s MaxOnline service no. earlier in the morning & it took me a loooooong time to reach a real human operator after listening to the machine-recorded voice over & over again. SG’s telco customer service leaves a lot to be desired.

      Pt3. U should NOT mess around the modem’s console if you dunno what you are looking for. The settings I screenshot above are configured for me by the very 1st technician that came to my place to setup & SUBSEQUENTLY explained to me by another technician, hence I’ve a rough idea of what they are supposed to look like. In fact, if you are referring specifically to the settings in the 1st settings, I tink you will not be able to surf net at all, if yours is configured wrongly from the get-go. The 2nd screenshot has nothing to configure; it’s just for comparison purposes (read my earlier reply to the other comment).

      Pt4. If you are consistently getting the speed that your plan dictates, then I do NOT tink the problem lies with your phone line/switch box outside your house. I tink the problem lies with the modem. & 2Wire modems have a very shaky reputation in local communities (luckily my original’s quite al right).

      I will suggest, if your neighbor is also using same modem, perhaps can try switching JUST the power supply with him to see whether YOUR power supply is faulty. This is especially worth your try if your “disconnect” refers to your entire modem “tripping”, i.e. power off-then-on-again.

      Otherwise, why not schedule an appointment with Malifax (2Wire’s local rep) to get your modem replaced, as suggested by SingNet. Try your best to get SingNet to arrange for the Malifax ppl to deliver a replacement down to your place; if really cannot, try your luck by calling Malifax (get the contact from SingNet) to see if they are so kind to send someone down.

      Pt5. SingNet, StarHub both have “exciting” reputation if you checked out the local forums:

      Sadly, they are the 2 major Internet Service Provider in this country (M1 is a newcomer using Starhub’s backend but their own server) & when you have an oligopoly like this, I’m sure you understand it’s not a “consumers’ market”.

      So try getting your 2Wire modem swapped (after testing the power supply component if you have the means to do so). Otherwise if you are out of contractual bound, you can always threaten to terminate if they (SingNet) refuse to send someone down to your place to troubleshoot. Though since you mention speed is not the issue but frequent disconnection is, I strongly suspect the problem to lie with the modem/SingNet’s back-end (the SingNet back-end MIS-configuration happened to me once; declared by the technician when he actually came down).

      I signed up for SingNet Broadband very early on (my plan isn’t even offered to new subscribers any more, i.e. 8Mbps), hence I suppose their customer base has since increased to a level where they feel they can take liberties with. Best of luck.

  4. Evan says:

    hi ralliart12 (sorry didn’t catch yr name yet)

    thx so much for the prompt response, i felt so much better after reading yr reply!

    ok first of all, the disconnection i’m getting is just a blinking light at the broadband indicator (2nd last one on the modem). the model i’m using is 2701HGV-E. there’s no “pattern” for disconnection. it can happen during normal surfing or downloading something so i can’t pinpoint exactly what triggers the disconnection.

    i called up the helpdesk again, like 5 mins ago and they actually readily wanted to send someone down to check the phoneline + modem immediately, i think probably i sounded very frustrated and angry. i asked them if any settings could be done to the modem console and they told me its only applicable IF i’m not able to surf. if i’m able to surf then i don’t hv to do any settings to it. which i dunno how true it is la. i’m just very reluctant of them to come down to get the phoneline checked or whatever (they mentioned maybe my microfilter is spoilt then i told them i used the new one provided by them) then they say maybe the modem is faulty and if it is they’ll gimme a one-to-one exchange. the problem is its all too easy for them to wiggle out of responsibility since there are 1001 reasons for disconnection so they can very easily get ppl to “come down and check”. i really hate this. i can be 100% sure there’s nothing wrong with my phoneline, its the modem’s fault.

    anyway i hv an identical modem that i got 2 years ago from a recontract. tried to plug it in but i can’t seem to surf at all. do i hv to redo the settings n all? thought can just plug & play since its basically the same model.

    yea i agree, in consumers’ point of view we really don’t hv much choices. either singnet or starhub. previously i was paying $47 (after GST) for 3Mbps then i realize its not very worth. was looking at the recontract plans until my friend told me lotsa ppl mentioned on HWZ that they called the termination dept and got the “special” recontract plan – 10Mbps for $23. so i just called and try also lor and i got it. this one is not mentioned on their recontract page, u hv to call the termination dept and ask. so right now, i got this plus $5 off every mth for my home phone line, the only consolation is at least with the disconnection, i’m saving abt $300 a year haha. but of coz ultimately i still hope to get this freakin’ problem solved.

    u think i shd get a new modem? thought of taking a look at challenger tmr.

    • ralliart12 says:

      Hi Evan,

      if they are willing to come down & assess the situation, let them lor. U need not incur any cost (of travelling). Best is they replace your modem if it’s faulty; wat’s the worst that can happen? At most they dun replace your modem? U also wun incur any costs mah.

      If your identical modem is another 2Wire, I’ve not idea why it should not work unless you change your userid & broadband password (which is unlikely). When u plug in this modem, the “Internet” LED indicator got blink green or not? I no idea why u can’t surf, should be can leh.

      If I’m paying $47 for 3Mbps I would have terminated. The “10Mbps-for-$23” ADSL offer has been circulated for quite a while already & is super worth it; I feel happy for you that you got it. I never tried cos I dun tink I’m lucky enough to convince the CSO to upgrade my 8Mbps to this. Secondly, I’m afraid after the 2-year contract is over, they MAY refuse to gimme the rate of $23 any longer & I would have to downgrade to 3 or 6Mbps & I dun wan to, as I feel 8Mbps for $37 is quite a sweet price for me. So in the end I never risk requesting. I sincerely hope you can enjoy this 10Mbps for $23 (or even cheaper) for long long time =)

      Get them to come down, & try to see if they swap modem bah. Dun rush out & buy new modem, wasting unnecessary money. Also get them to do some checks after the new modem is setup, b4 they leave. All the best =)

  5. Evan says:

    hi again 🙂

    yea true, will get them to come down then. only thing is i wonder if they’re able to rectify the prob afterall coz the d/c is only like once every few hrs. what if when the person comes over the connection is ok?

    funny thing is when i plug into this current modem and it can’t connect to the internet, the broadband light will blink. but when i plugged into the identical modem i got 2 years back, the broadband light was red.

    actually i felt kinda cheated abt the 3Mbps for $47. for the 1st year i enjoyed a 50% off but 2nd year i was charged full price. i don’t recall them saying the 50% off was only for the 1st year though, so i kinda waited for the chance to recontract again but i don’t want another 2 years coz u never know ma, maybe the fiber optics broadband coming or what. i think your 8Mbps for $37 is a very very good deal too! at least better than what i had. so hv u used maxonline before? wanted to go for the hubbers plan (think $58 got broadband, cable tv, 1GB mobile broadband & free voice calls) but i heard the connection not good for some areas and peak periods youtube cannot load D: else i really really would hv gone for starhub.

    thx, i’ll keep u updated about it, if u don’t mind that is! and thx for yr advice so far, i really appreciate. those HWZ ppl are really rude and hao lian i find, they think like they damn smart. used to post questions there rather frequently last time, i don’t bother anymore haha.

    • ralliart12 says:

      Morning Mr. Evan,

      if the person come down the connection is okie, then see how good your bargaining skills are lor, i.e. say you really need to do long hours of research for your school work, & competition in school is really tough. Having your internet access disrupted every now & then really doesn’t help when you need to juggle several projects at one short, etc know?

      Just be polite & dun flare up at the technician. Dun forget, he is likely to have more technical knowledge than me or you & well, you dun diss the cook who prepares your food right?

      Worst come to worst: he doesn’t swap your modem. No loss (financially) to you also mah. Remember, the SingNet technician is not the same staff handling marketing & sales. If he refuses to change the modem, thank him any way. THEN after he’s gone, AND if your disconnection problem still happens too regularly for comfort, ring up SingNet tell them (now you are talking to Marketing & Sales) you wanna terminate (if you are no longer under contract). If they ask why tell them yes, a technician has came down (they will have the visit log) unfortunately the problem wasn’t replicated & hence the swap didn’t proceed. Tell them you simply can’t use the Internet under these conditions (frequent disconnections). Then play by ear from there…

      P.S. Of course, you need to decide whether you REALLY wanna terminate lah, if the M & S staff cannot convince you and yet, in your heart you actually dun wanna terminate then you need to “sense” when you can no longer “call their bluff”.

      P.P.S. If you still under contract dun try this trick. Cos they KNOW you WUN terminate cos you will need to pay penalty.

      P.P.P.S. Whether swap or no swap, make sure to test whether your internet connection is still working (using whatever browser you are familiar with) BEFORE the technician leaves.

      Btw, I dunno what you mean by “broadband” light? Is it “DSL”, or “Internet”, or…? Or describe the physical position of the light. I’m thinking you got the white modem.

      As for the 3Mbps 50%-off being discontinued after 1yr, you are not cheated lah. U never check properly when you sign on the dotted line. As you can tell from my earlier comment, I ALWAYS enquired: “what happens after the promotional period is up, be it 1 yr or 2 yrs”. Because after that promotional period the telco is no longer legally obliged to continue giving you that promotional price. For example, suppose currently I’m paying $20/mth for 3Mbps. Say SingNet today gimme 100Mbps at $5 per month for 2 years, then after 2 years the normal price of 100Mbps is $200 per month, then of course I cannot afford to continue 100Mbps lah. Then what if at that time, no more $20 for 3Mbps? Then what you wanna do? Abandon SingNet? Why do you think I die die insist on RE-contracting my 8Mbps at $37/mth over and over again? Bcos I find it’s a sweet spot & the price is reasonable to me, in view of the non-promotional prices of SingNet’s possible alternatives (those 6Mbps, 3Mbps, etc).

      Now u asked me MaxOnline my feedback may be very biased. 1st of all do you understand the technological difference between Internet access over ADSL versus Internet access over coaxial cable? E.g. SingNet & StarHub both offer 10Mbps plan. SingNet’s 10Mbps is dedicated to you one single account (technically speaking is dedicated to your one single house phone line); whereas Starhub’s 10Mbps is SHARED across all the subscribers that are on the same coaxial cable as you in your block. If 9 other MaxOnline users accessed Internet with you in the same building/block simultaneously, your speed will be divided by 10 = 1Mbps!

      Both SingNet’s ADSL technology & Starhub’s (MaxOnline)’s cable technology are affected by quality of cable/phone line wiring, quality of end-node infrastructure, i.e. you router and/or modems. Just that MaxOnline is FURTHER affected by ONE MORE “sharing of the same cable by users”. Why do you think MaxOnline’s fixed line broadband plans can go as high as 100Mbps whereas SingNet’s broadband plans seem to max out at a “lowly” 15Mbps? You look carefully at MaxOnline’s site:

      Do you think anybody trying to sell you internet access will like to put the words, “UP TO” so prominently if they have a choice. Check out MaxOnline’s T & C site:

      Under Section 11 on transfer speed, there’s this line,

      “You acknowledge and accept that as with any network, actual downstream speed when using the Service is affected by many factors including without limitation:

      * performance characteristics of each component of the data network, THE NUMBER OF USERS and the extent of all users’ compliance with such conditions and requirements as set out by us.”

      If you wanna compare, this is SingNet’s fixed line broadband’s T & C:

      Any way, even if dun compare “paper figures & theoretical discussions”, I give you real-life example. My cousin is subscribed to MaxOnline Express 16Mbps plan. His home network is always slow. I even tested with a decent LAN cable with my well-kept computer, I can consistently get 2Mbps after testing at various time of days, i.e. peak & off-peak hours. Note these testing are done with a wired Ethernet connection directly from modem to machine. I’m trying to get him off MaxOnline when his contract is up in March next year. My reasoning is simple: EVEN assuming if nobody in his block access Internet at the same time as him, says he gets full 16Mbps download speed. Once 10 other MaxOnline subscribers in the same block surf net with him, 16Mbps becomes 1.6Mbps. & he’s paying $4x per month for this (this $4x is some more after discount liaoz; original price of MaxOnline Express is near to $59). If he subscribe to SingNet Broadband ADSL 10Mbps, which regular price if he signs up for 2years is $46/mth, he need NOT share with anybody & let’s assume his house phone line is lousy + his modem/router is lousy, even 50% of SingNet’s 10Mbps will end up with 5Mbps. U judge for yourself if he continues paying $4x per month either way, which type of technology is more likely to give him higher connectivity?

      You can help me updated, no worries. Actually not a lot of people read my blog because I write long-winded boring stuff. So feel free to comment, rate my posts, rate my page, even if my voice never help you tangibly, as long as I can make you feel slightly better by allowing an avenue for your to voice out your experience, it’s good enough for me. So do whatever you want (on my blog).

      One more thing about HWZ (& it applies to VR Zone & whatever -zone forums). When ppl dun need to show their face or talk to each other directly/physically, they can get pretty boisterous behind their keyboard. However, I tend to treat these local forums as information pools, i.e. 50% of the voices there has no value to me; but the other 50% is really solid experience/news/guide/technical help. U need to learn how to ignore the nonsense to extract the valuable, localized information.

      I probably know who you are referring to, i.e. a****chng, l****tam, Ma****X, etc in the Internet sub-forums right? Yah, sometimes they do post in those lao jiao tones, but what to do? If they feel good about themselves & in the end you can still extract knowledge from the forums’ “noise”, then who cares about them. Wait till you meet Sn**E**le, redd****, ke***oy in the other sub-forums like the iPod, Mobile phones’ sub-forums, etc…some of this KIND of people, die die must argue until they are right one. Who cares? Important thing is: you must learn to reap data/information from the forums. Then it’s worth your time.

      Anything else I can help, just lemme know. Btw, actually I’m really not very good at the technical modem/networking stuff, so if I fail to answer your queries completely, pai seh huh…

  6. Evan says:

    hi! good morning. btw i’m miss, not mr! u mean all along u tot i’m guy ah? haha. my full name’s evangeline, so everyone calls me evan for short 🙂 anyway not sure if u seen my blog yet, i did leave my blog URL there, if u haven’t can go n take a look lor hehe. mine’s a food blog, mainly features my own cooking & baking 😀

    wow, i’m totally touched by yr lengthy response, learned alot here.

    haha no la, obviously i’m not gonna flare up at the technician, i know what i’m doing don’t worry. i’m just pissed at the singtel helpdesk coz they keep trying to “minimize responsibility” by telling us to do all the superficial stuff like typing a few set of no.s at the network options there, or use a proxy, or get ppl to come down to check phone line etc when i already explained things were ok when i was using my old siemens speedstream modem (btw, i only recontracted from 3Mbps to 10Mbps only slightly more than a week ago). so its like if there’s no disconnection problem ONE WEEK AGO how can it be due to my phone line/micro filter blah blah. but of coz if they wanna go by the book, as with what all sg companies are good at doing, and at the same time i’ve got nothing to lose (except my precious time) then its fine lor, bo bian. and right now, termination is not even an option even if im not under contract coz if terminate already how, im not even gonna try starhub ma, so still hv to stick with singnet. i think i’ve been with singnet for many years, like since 2002 or something. so far i’m pretty happy with their broadband la, no major issues. i was on maxonline think in year 2001 but i can’t rem what the connection was like coz it was too long ago. but ya i know exactly what u talking abt, regarding the shared pipeline thingy thats why i really don’t wanna go back to using that. paying so much for a stated plan but end up u only got 1/10 or 1/16 of what u r getting is so so so not worth!

    broadband light is on the white modem, the 2nd last indicator light lor, above the ‘internet’ light, u get what i mean? like the lights counting from the top to bottom is ‘power’, ‘ethernet’, ‘wireless’, ‘phoneline 1’ etc rite? there’s a broadband indicator ma, when i d/c, the “broadband” indicator will be blinking.

    but anyway i’m 99% sure its the modem’s fault coz previously like i mentioned, i didn’t hv any issues with my old modem and this 2wire modem is so infamous for having problems, so its more or less confirmed. i wouldn’t mind buying a new one but of coz not before i ask them to come down and check 1st. actually not v keen on getting a replacement oso if its gonna be the same modem. i mean i have TWO already leh and both don’t work. but yesterday when i called them up they said they only hv this type lolol.

    ahh actually, i came across yr blog when i googled for ‘singnet 2wire modem disconnection’ coz really quite desperate for an answer, i was kinda relieved i’m not alone lor. i’m not a technical person and i think yr posts are too IT savvy for me la hehe, but i’m rather interested in the iphone entries! hv u got the iphone4 already? im waiting for the price of 3GS to drop so i can buy. sigh, think i must be one of the slowest ppl to buy iphone 😦

    HAHA yea, a*chng. he’s rather infamous there but what u said is very very right, treating them as merely words and yes, at the end of the day, its more impt to get what u need. but still, suanning ppl is so uncalled for coz in life u can’t afford to know everything. u might be proficient in this field but when it comes to other things u r just a noob. if its the other way round, ppl suanning u over something u dunno, how would u feel? but apparently, they don’t really think before they speak/write and in my opinion, they should be very different in real life. real life don’t dare to voice out but become internet bullies coz like what u say, they can hide behind the keyboard and do whatever they like. i feel that one good example is xiaxue. find her rather timid in real life. shes that type who wouldn’t dare to scold ppl or voice out. its normally this case ba.

    haha no la, u really don’t need to answer any of my queries! basically i just wanted to see if anyone is experiencing the same problem as i do and i wanna see what they did in the end thats all 🙂 but you’re so helpful la, really, unlike the lao jiaos haha. hv u met any of the lao jiaos from those forums yet?

    • ralliart12 says:

      @Evan: I hope you dun mind, but I took the liberty of adding your blog to my collection of links in my side-bar (you can find it under the header, “Desserts”). I simply cannot resist food packaged in great photography. It did not take me long to find my favourite photo, under your post, “Cherries” =)

  7. Evan says:

    hi, u finally replied! sure pls go ahead and link up, its my honor.

  8. punggol21 says:

    hi Evan and others,

    I have been a Singnet user for many many years from 256kbps plan to the current 10mbps unlimited plan evolving from Hurricane and Alcatel USB modem to Aztech and to current 2Wire modem router.

    Ever since I signed up MIO plan, I had my home landline bundled with MIOTV plans and had since been tied to using 2Wire modem router.

    As I did not watch MIOTV at all for the past 2 years (had been deducted $10 every month), I cancelled MIOTV and returned the MIOTV box to them.

    The first version modem router (silver box) lasted me for 2 years before it malfunctioned with a permanent red light.

    The replacement set was white in colour and the model is 2701HGV-E. The connectivity is not good enough. I experience frequent connection problems during surfing. I am not a heavy user neither am I a torrent user.

    I am using WPA.

    As usual, all I need to do is to restart the modem router and it will work again.

    Since my land line is now digital and it connects through the modem router, I was told I cannot use other modem router except 2WIRE. Is this true?

    Can I use any other modem router in the market with Voice feature for my digital land line to work?

  9. Pretty! This has been a really wonderful post.
    Thank you for providing this information.

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