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H, these came in for you…

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This is a package

This is a package


Wishing every1 a prosperous Lunar New Year!

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Finally...I can escape from this nonsense...

Finally...I can escape from this nonsense...

Just a little update on my life on Lunar New Year’s eve:…

I’m still waiting for my custom earphones. As of this post, I’ve just finished “celebrating” the full-2-mth anniversary of this seemingly-futile wait. From January & now I’ve been enjoying the wonderful game of “email-ping-pong” with the main company, Hearyourself, and my middleman company. My acquaintance, whose order is the same batch as mine, is also getting frustrated.After a month of his order, he received 3 deadline (extensions) promises from the middlemen and as of now, 2 has already been broken without explanation. As for me, I’m simply numb already from all this pondering. I did not request for any further deadlines as I dun like to force people to come up with promises, business agreements they can’t seem to keep. Oh well, if it comes, it will come. Otherwise, rest assure I will demand my money back. As a matter of fact, I strongly regretted getting custom earphones, as the sum of money will do well to aid me in my current financial haemorrahge. But alas! That sum of money has already been used to buy a lot of waiting, lying, mis-promises & frustration.

As for the community, wah, totally gone case liaoz lahz! For those who have the privileges to read my protected post earlier, & felt/know the same feelings, I can only say the forum is degrading to a blatant crude advertisement. My posts on another forum(int’l) were stalked and that made me extremely uncomfortable. So, having no online territory to roam, only means I yearn to leave this scene all the much earlier. Well, as soon as I get what I paid for…& no, I decided not to release the protected post earlier, even though it will help reveal the truth and enlighten the mislead, I fear that if my presence can be tracked online, I’m worried what the fan-boys can do to me if they run into me on the streets, i.e. throw burning flames onto my iPod? You never know, as we can see, there are a lot of rich, misguided, immature characters in the world, who can type out wonderful convincing lies to ensnare newbies from the confines of their keyboard, & should they fail to coerce their “religion” onto others in real life, I shudder to imagine what they may resort to…

I do wish to point out one thing: it’s extremely suspicious when everytime someone post an idea that has negative conjunture against the host company in the forums, the same people will always post a reply that is unrelated/non-constructive towards the thread, most often in the form of an advertisement. Then when other members go off-topic, these same folks are the 1st to point fingers. Well, actually, I’ll like to point a certain finger back at these hypocrites as well, but aiyah, let them suffer in real life bah. I can only say if you dare to bother me or my loved ones, I have a ton of “evidence” to release to the public.

So just waiting for my purchases to come, then off I leave…

On a totally unrelated note, many of my new lecturers for this semester, turned out to be unpleasant surprises. 2 are Koreans, 1 is PRC, 1 is drunk & left only 1 that’s Singaporean. I’ll say the Singaporean is the best, but u’ll say I’m biased. But he really does make the late Wednesday lectures very enjoyable. 1 of the Koreans seems to love working on our Saturdays for no apparent reason. The PRC one stumbles a bit with the lecturing/speaking, but luckily the subject matter is interesting to me. The drunk one is…1 of a kind…see to believe…

& as usual, facing massive financial haemorrahge here. Textbooks for this semester are very expensive, among other things…the course requirements for this semester seems to be crazy as well…

Note to self: if(E71.update(ver200)){do(…

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Original firmware

Original firmware

Remove memory card BEFORE updating

Update: leave memory card in.

Update: remove BULK of media from memory card BEFORE performing backup using Nokia Content Copier, including the huge Garmin map

Following data will be wiped + possible resolution:

Contacts –  sync back from Ovi (untested)

Update: restore from Nokia Content Copier

Sms – save to laptop 1st; no way to restore

Update: restore from Nokia Content Copier

Ringtone + SMS alert tone – extract from phone memory 1st & restore afterwards

Multimedia on phone’s memory – Ensure all songs and video are moved to memory card

Arrangement of Main menu icons – screenshot

Text notes – sync back from Ovi (untested)

Update: restore from Nokia Content Copier (maybe)

Active notes – directly back up from phone’s “Office” > “File Manager” (UNtested)

Update: restore from Nokia Content Copier (maybe)

Email settings – screenshots

Update: hope Nokia Content Copier can restore

General settings – screenshot EVERYTHING, i.e. power saver animation, keypad auto-lock time-out, etc

Update: hope Nokia Content Copier can restore

Garmin – good opportunity to test out v5.20. Export all waypoints 1st

Other apps – No resolution; screenshot BOTH App Manager’s list and icon viewS (note if DEFAULT apps on memory card is wiped or not)

CClock – Screen capture all settings.

Themes – No resolution – Seek only the 2 in active use (swap green one to be main)

Update: updaters report NO wipe?

Web browser bookmarks – collateral

Access points – collateral


} //end

Phase 1

  1. Begin charging phone
  2. Perform 1 sync with Ovi to ensure server side data is up-to-date
  3. Connect E71 via USB cable
  4. Manually batch export smses to PC via Nokia Communication Centre
  5. Manually batch export contacts to PC via the same channel
  6. Extract ringtone & sms alert tones (\r@lLi4rt12’s E71\Phone memory\DATA\Sounds\Simple)
  7. Verified: really no multimedia on Phone memory
  8. Manually copied out Active Notes (\r@lLi4rt12’s E71\Phone memory\DATA\Activenotes); Text notes’ location cannot be pinpointed
  9. Perform a freeze of microSD card contents onto PC
  10. Remove Garmin huge maps and all non-critical multimedia from microSD card, i.e. Sounds > Digital, user_added, Images, Videos, etc
  11. Proceed to backup with Nokia content Copier

Backing up using Nokia Content Copier

Backing up using Nokia Content Copier

Phase 2


Phase 3

Realizing everything on phone is wiped…proceeding to restore using Nokia Content Copier…


"Smart Dial" for the E71 AsiaPac edition...finally!

My cousin-in-law & I were quite interested about the “Smart Dial” feature they finally made available on the AsiaPac E71s, & then rachel2108 showed us this:


rachel2108's cellphone...also has Smart Dial!!!

… & said her “old-tech” Sony Ericsson cellphone can do this for a long time already…

Just installed Windows 7 Beta (Build 7000) this morning. Extremely fast process, i.e. download of 2.44GB took me half an hour, actual installation inclusive of 1 round of Windows Update took 1hr). In contrast, had wasted a lot of time getting GPartEd to resize my existing XP partition to no avail(used Partition Magic in the end with no hiccup).

Did not waste a piece of DVD to burn the ISO, mount the image from within existing XP partition using Daemon Tools Lite to install into newly created blank partition. NO problems with mounted-image-install even when setup restarts the computer. Dual-boot boot-up interface automatically created without deliberation. Very nice. Effortless.

Was very worried about device drivers b4 installation(furthermore, I’m on a laptop). However, only 3 unknown device appeared in Device Mgr post-installation. With 2 rounds of Windows Update, everything’s settled, i.e. no exclamation mark. My worries were unfounded and my risk (of just going ahead) was duly rewarded. Extremely impressed.

System performance(mostly UI interaction) is generally very responsive. UI is extremely Vista-like but no lag at all, on my laptop’s nVidia GeForce Go 7400M. All this maybe nothing until you realise my “Windows Experience Index” is 2.0:

X11's Windows Experience Index

X11's Windows Experience Index

Anyway, “I like it a lot”. Have Firefox 3.1 Beta, Google Chrome, Windows Live Essentials (including WLM 2009) installed almost immediately and everything runs smooth! Like I said, it’s nothing exciting, but it just does its job very well, “silently”. Like my E-series phone. And that’s saying a lot for the company who dared to sell Vista.

View from the top…

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To celebrate my dad’s bday & knowing that my mum likes to have a bird’s eye view of the city, I decided to bring them to the Si Chuan Dou Hua Chinese restaurant on the 60th floor of UOB Plaza =)

The entire restaurant has a very traditional Chinese interior, with overhanging oriental lamps and plush carpeted floors and doorway arches. Here’s where we sat…

Here’s what we ordered:

Dad ordered his favourite Pu Er Cha. Professional tea pourers are a unqiue characteristic of the Si Chuan Dou Hua restaurant chain. The novelty is that they use kettles with very long spouts while dishing out hot water straight to our tea cups. *swoosh*

Eight Treasure Seafood Soup – The soup looks weird as it looks greenish. Maybe they added ground spinach to the soup? It tasted exactly like shark’s fin soup (which I love!), a tad starchy with tiny bits and pieces of various kinds of seafood (scallops, fish maw, crabmeat etc). Well, I can’t exactly make out what was within the ingredients… Overall, it’s quite a tasty soup which bears the signature dish tag adequately.

Peking Duck – Yummy! That was my initial reaction after popping a slice of the skin wrapped a crepe into my mouth. The skin wasn’t superbly crispy but it tasted good nonetheless. The meat was tender and juicy =) We had to order a whole duck for the 4 of us coz it’s the only option. Well, we were quite full after finishing about 18 crepes (with either meat or skin wrapped within).

We opted to stir fry the remains of the duck. The stir fried part actually was a good accompaniment to our fried rice (with crabmeat) coz it’s a little salty. Hmm, guess it should go perfectly with porridge …

We also ordered a side dish of stir-fried sea cucumber with fish maw. Surprisingly, the fish maw is the fresh kind, unlike the ones that I usually consume (dried). Hmm, kinda unique…

The perfect ending: Freshly made fine douhua (Beancurd) served with wolfberry syrup or water chestnut. Simple yet delectable.

Dinner was great! Think both of them are quite impressed by the posh restaurant, yet don’t feel too out of the place. I always feel very happy when they enjoy the places that I bring them to =) By the way, in the midst of having our dinner, we were lucky to have the company of fireworks, which was part of the NDP rehearsal not far away. But the view was very limited due to the narrow design of the restaurant’s oriental window. Hmm, shouldn’t they make full use of the superb location and height of the restaurant by having wider glass panels?

Pretty & delicious drinks =)

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Snowy Choco Frappe - Coffee with X'masy feel.... Looks really presentable but its a little too nutty for me...

Look out for the snowflakes that landed on ur frappe

Look out for the snowflakes that landed on ur frappe

Isnt this pretty? Makes me dont have the heart to drink it... And theres really an egg at the bottom!

Egg Nog Desire (liqueur coffee) : Isn't this pretty? Makes me don't have the heart to drink it... And there's really an egg at the bottom!

Spice Chic (in a heart shaped dish) - think it tastes a bit like indian food though, due to the spices on the chicken. The salad sauce tastes weird too...I still prefer my popcorn chicken

Spice Chic (in a heart shaped dish) - think it tastes a bit like indian food though, due to the spices on the chicken. The salad sauce tastes weird too...I still prefer my popcorn chicken

Chic-Mex Pizza - crispy base with strong herbs-flavoured chicken pieces

Chic-Mex Pizza - crispy base with strong herbs-flavoured chicken pieces

Coffee Nut Chix - gigantic and yummy burger

Coffee Nut Chix - gigantic and yummy burger

Lastly, I must really compliment the service at TCC – Suntec City. They are really very polite and courteous and considerate. He even offered to help me pour the chilli sauce just because its a new bottle and I fumbled with it for 2 sec….

Malifax to the rescue

Malifax to the rescue

Remember the Singnet broadband issue I’d after upgrading to 8mbps plan? And the issue with the CSO failing to deliver on his promise of a 2nd line check followed by a 1-to-1 exchange of modem? & let’s not forget the issue with the 2nd SNBB technician coming late, empty-handed, not performing the 2nd line check as agreed upon, and not swapping a new modem (bcos he didn’t bring anything)?  Well, looks like the technician from 2wire’s parent company, Malifax Technology, is of a more quality nature.

Mr. Richard came to perform the 1-to-1 exchange for me. He was on time, polite, extremely prompt to teach me how to configure/setup the new modem, taught me how to use Singnet’s FTP to test the connection speed of the new modem, chat with me, etc. I meant, a couple of those stuff he had no obligations to perform, but he went ahead with his effort nonetheless. Now that’s service!

I did called up the company to verify his identity and gave the appropriate compliments accordingly. I believe not only must complains about rotten service be publicised, but due credit must also be given when & where deserved.

2701HGV-E (white), 2700HGV-2 (grey)

2701HGV-E (white), 2700HGV-2 (grey)

Some time ago I re-contracted with Singnet to order to upgrade to their 8mbps plan but at a lower price than my current (I’m was paying $47 for 3.5mbps). I was using their 2wire modem then, as I was “selected” to participate in their MioTv rollout in my [HDB] block. One grey 2700HGV-2 was issued to me for a 6-mth period (plan still remains as SNBB 3500). At first I dun wanna join one, cos I very skeptical about these trials, lucky draws, etc; last minute they bill you for something u also dunno…then scarcely I cannot opt out. But the CSO was very persistent, and he promoted the fact that I get to keep the wireless modem after the trial period expires, so I agreed. Having a wireless network in my residence turns out to be very useful later, i.e. jailbreaking my iPod Touch, surfing Internet in my kitchen to the company of a cuppa, etc.

Anyway, time flies, trial period expires, turn of an eye and my broadband plan is eligible for extension. The 8mbps plan was going for a promo price of $36 and the SNBB 3500 plan has been retro-fitted into a 3mpbs plan. I went for the 8mbps one and a newer “Miobox” came along with it. It’s actually a 2wire 2701HGV-E. Anyway the technician who came to setup my modem also damn one kind lah: when he saw my existing 2wire, he kinda dun wanna install, saying the older grey model is better as it has better ventilation. I refuse to let him scrimp on this effort and countered with, “I intend to test the performance difference between the different models; pls help me set it up & should I prefer the old one I shall revert them myself”. I’ve always been very onfident of my extremely stable connection and the new white “Miobox” did not affected this confidence. Initially.

Then a month back, my connection went haywire. I started experiencing what typical Singnet customers always complain about: frequent DC, low torrenting speed, etc. This was disconcerting to me and the problem became more obvious as a short while after each lagness and DC, the “Internet” LED on the “Miobox” always kena red light, as below:

Internet LED indicator shows red

Internet LED indicator shows red

At the onset of these occurrences, I was easy-going but as they became more frequent and regular, I have no choice but to contact SNBB tech support. They sent somebody down to do line check for me. Was a nice uncle, came with a device that resembles a parking ticket issuing machine. Says my line was fine; went through my modem settings, mentioned ONE setting tripped, I tink it’s this one:



He informed me he adjusted back to correct figures lah, but a couple of days later the same DC-with-red-Internet-LED issue still occur. Then bo bian lor, if line no problem, then is modem liao. Called up Singnet BB technical helpdesk again. Was informed cannot change modem like that, must do another line check to verify really not line issue, THEN I bring down modem to Malifax Technology(2wire’s main company) to exchange. But after further discussion was informed that since this 2wire is branded as a “Mio” device Singnet will take care of it and perform the 1-to-1 exchange with me without requiring my personal effort. As always, I double verified with the CSO on the other end, that a technician will come down to perform a 2nd line check, upon a positive diagnosis conduct a 1-to-1 exchange of my Miobox with the new modem whiich he will be bringing along with him. the CSO confirmed readily.

Singnet technicians came down twice. Problem UNsolved.

Singnet technicians came down twice. Problem UNsolved.

On the day of service, the technician was 40mins late; & I was a bit pissed as my holidays were ending and spare time is precious. When he arrived at my door-step with nothing but a folder, I was shocked. So, even with a positive line check result, he have no new modem to swap with me. Of course, we do not have to worry about that since he did NOT even bring the line check device (I noted this as I’ve experienced a real line check before mah)! This is rather disturbing, unprofessional and disappointing since I’ve verified with the CSO before. The technician even told me my case was not indicated to require a new mdoem be brought along, as shown on his job list. So, apparently someone screwed up somewhere. From this point onwards I knew it was pointless, even though he appeared to be checking my modem’s settings. Of course, he couldn’t find anything, cos it’s a god-damn hardware failure! At the very end I did not even get a verification that a second line check was passed with flying colours (which made sense because he didn’t do nothing!), and merely received a service report indicating the technician was here (most important point to them)!

Called up Singnet helpdesk to make a din the next morning. Managed to convinced them to get a Malifax fellow to come down to perform a 1-to-1 exchange of my modem, of which became an experience that was to be rather pleasant…

Watchmen: read

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Who watches the watchmen?

"Who watches the watchmen?"

Finished reading “Watchmen”. Rather engaging, picked it up for the sake of understanding the movie when it finally comes out, but didn’t realise it is, as a matter of fact, a worthy read on its own, movie or not. I like this kind of storyline where there’s no black or white, & the individual character’s development is extremely thorough as well. Anyway, I’m selling it, so if anybody’s keen, drop me a comment here.


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Now its back to school time,oh my gosh, so tired!!!I must wake up at 6.30am morning to go primary school.I guess in 3 years time i’m gonna be even more tired cause my neighbor is now in sec 1 and once he came back from school at 5pm he immediately sleep until the next day 8.30am.

is it cute?I got it from my friend!