Gone Fishing Cafe

Posted: December 3, 2008 by SnOwAnGeL in Tummilicious
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Coincidentally, I saw a program on TVMobile introducing this cafe. Seems interesting, so i jotted down its name in my HP. Mths later, the name suddenly popped into my head, and we decided to check out the place on a lazy Sunday aftn…

Gone Fishing Café is a small and hidden neighbourhood café tucked away in Hillview area. It’s a quiet and cozy place to hang around in. It offers a great alternative for those who want to relax and chill out in an unhurried manner. The first thing after stepping into the café, we noticed that it’s playing my favourite bossa nova album from Olivia =) Hmm, seems like it is really the place for us…



As recommended, we tried some of their top favourites:


Clam Chowder… Unique recipe, very appetizing


Suzanne’s Roast Chicken… Tender and Juicy chicken thigh, roasted to perfection, served with chicken rice and side salad

Editor’s note: Best Drumstick in the World!


Gourmet Sausages with rice… Simply delicious


Almond Coffee… Heavenly Blend between Almond and Coffee


Almond Blend… A cooling drink for almond lovers

Turns out that all their dishes and drinks are fabulous, we almost wanted to order another plate of roast chicken! Definite must trys are the roast chicken and almond coffee! ^-^

Take some time to appreciate their décor too… I love these =)



1 of the art pieces on display/sale



Couch seats at a corner. Note the graffiti on the wall.


Messy but really interesting



Don’t forget to observe your table , hmm, what a way to use sewing machine


Take note: only cash is accepted


For alfresco diners.

Address: 15 Chu Lin Rd (Off Jalan Remaja, Along Hillview Ave)

Buses that stop along Hillview Avenue: 173, 176, 177, 963 and 970


Just something cute that we noticed at the nearby bus stop….smilez

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