Posted: November 19, 2008 by ralliart12 in academia, Mnemonics

Hope you have received the package by now. I wanted this to be a birthday gift (edit: belated) for you, but it turns out unfortunately, this present now serves double-purpose as some form of an apology as well.

You may not know how grateful & appreciative when you welcomed me to your CS3214 team. I’ve long branded myself as “un-proficient” at Java EE when I didn’t manage to complete CS2261 previously. I was more than prepared to join a foreign team and become their barnacle. But it turns out I dunno how to turn you down. I joined your ensemble, hoping that if I try my best I’ll be able to be of more use than a multi-plug.

But alas, it turned out that I was not only “un-proficient” but also inadequate. My limited skills (or lack thereof) inadvertently caused the presence of the following flaws in the modules I was responsible for:

  • Did NOT use EJB relationship-model to design student portfolio assignments and student enrollments; which result in the eventual impossibilities for their Jasper reports to be generated (even with much guidance from Mr. TWK).
  • Did NOT use EJB QL-format to perform queries to retrieves all objects of Module E6; which result in you being unable to apply your essential “sort-by” algorithm (as per Module E4) to E6’s listings. [But on the other hand, the reason I use the relationships-model, i.e.

PortalEntity portal = entityManager.find(PortalEntity.class, portalId);

return portal.getEnrollments();

is because I was advised by R that it’ll be simple and straight-forward.] I didn’t realise this simplicity will equate to its limitations. Another one of my many oversights.

  • Did NOT implement the highlighted portion in the photo as shown below; simply because I forgot! I wished we had enough time to perform a thorough system walk-through so as to expose such “mistakes” (of mine), but I was expected to implement it and it slipped my mind.

  • Made last minute changes to the format of date that is stored for each invoice, which broke your SQL update algorithm; causing the “overdue-check” upon each login to be vaporware in the end

The major sins were above; I’m positive that there are many other such monstrosities hidden within my modules that I can only pray the evaluators overlook. But I’m unsure if there are many others which are as careless as me.

I’m truly apologetic to have failed you on my parts. I didn’t wish for your disappointment but I’m afraid that my inadequacies have cascaded onto your project. If there’s something, anything, that I can do to “fix” this, I would. I really would, if I could, if I have more just a bit more time I will “correct” all the flaws above. But time, as we know, is a luxury none of us can really afford [on this project]…😦

Hope the item in the package will be a practical addition to your everyday life. Happy belated birthday, to a good friend, wonderful team-mate, and a fantastic leader.

Seeking your forgiveness,


  1. idyllictux says:

    Hi Yee Ting,

    Thank you very much for the birth day gift.

    Don’t be so hard on yourself. We’ve done our best so there is nothing to regret 🙂 You’ve been a wonderful team mate to us. Be proud of the code you’ve written, there is nothing to be ashame of 🙂 You’ve manage to write 10x time at least 2261 code. Your tremendous contribution and dedication to the project is deeply appreciated.

    Be happy always my friend 🙂

  2. Anonymous says:

    Sounds like a plead for a better peer evaluation score LOL

  3. ralliart12 says:

    No it is NOT.

    It is NOT in my habit to ask for more than what I feel my efforts deserve.

    Please do NOT evaluate the intentions of this post when I presume, YOU, do NEITHER completely comprehend the context of this declaration, NOR the background of the friendship in question here.

    And for the record, I DUN give a crap about my peer evaluation standing; my team members know how much I did, or did not do. And I honour their judgement no matter what those might be.

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