Smoke is in the Air

Posted: July 8, 2008 by ralliart12 in Roadblocks
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Haiz, more and more smokers around me. Walking on the streets, some guy in front will whip out a stick & start puffing away; go jogging in my park some old man will also feed smoke into the air. I shouldn’t have to suffer simply because these smokers wanna enjoy. And for those who wanna tell me:

“I also never ask you to inhale my smoke!”

If you let me catch you saying that, I’ll blast my mp3 player’s music into ur ears wherever you go, and say:

“I also never ask you to listen!”

Come’on lah, we’re sharing this large living space called Earth, you wanna screw it up & kill it I dun care, but don’t take liberties with my lives(or the health of innocent children). I propose that governing bodies designate “smoke-free” zones, i.e. public parks and/or “smoke-hours”, i.e. no smoking in certain areas when classes’re going on, when mass amount of health-concious folks are returning from work, etc

I’m not asking smokers not to smoke, but since we’re all equal and sharing this environment, I suppose we’ll have to divide the resources available and be considerate for fellow beings…

  1. yups, it’s more healthy and clean
    to live without smoke.

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