This “looks” good, the bicycle

Posted: July 6, 2008 by ralliart12 in ScratchPad
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I came across a promotion at the local convenience store, 7-11, recently. I can’t recall the full details of that promotional poster, but I remember you’ll have to do something to win a bike, which is worth $399. The thing that struck me was that, looking at that bike, I will, as a matter of fact, be willing to fork out $399 for it straight away!

I know it’s an Aleoca, but hey, design’s not half bad. Can’t comment on geometry and welding quality until I’ve seen it in the “flesh”. Full model’s “AB2621-HX.5 Crossbreed X.5“, in case you wanna check out the specs. You may also click on this link.

Sadly, I foresee a lot of big expenditures incoming soon, so I suppose this have to go, thou I tink having a bicycle to get around my Frequently Visited Places(FVP), ain’t half bad…never mind lah…

P.S. I’m NOT endorsing Aleoca, just saying I felt a vibe for the model on that 7-11 poster.

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