I wish it wasn’t so

Posted: June 29, 2008 by ralliart12 in Roadblocks
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Mum’s feet’s hurting again, swollen too. She says it hurts when she walks, as it always does. She’s literally on her feet all day, the very moment she wakes up to goto work. Due to the nature of her job, she get no opportunity to rest those soles. I would have advise her to seek medical attention, but I kinda expect western medical practice to be of little help(at the clinic level, not those hospital specialist-level). I’m unsure whether chinese medical halls’re of much help too.

The truth of the matter, is that at her age & health condition, she should not be subjected to much work-stress already, be it physical or physiological. Too bad I’m currently quite useless &  probably continue to remain so for at least the next couple of years, henceforth I’m unable to take-over her mantle as one of the income-provider of this household. I really wish I can help her, but I dunno how. She is sometimes bitter, not by nature but by circumstances. & frankly speaking, I dun blame her. I will gladly give a few years of my life so that she can not only live longer but live healthier too. Too bad the Devil have no use for my worthless soul yet.

If only I know how to be of tangible assistance … 😦


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