“Got install antivirus, still kena all these?!”

Posted: June 20, 2008 by ralliart12 in 1-hour notebook, Roadblocks
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Many a times people I have encountered threw the above qn at me. These folks possess a false sense of security in that they believe implementation of an antivirus solution will render their workstation impervious to any forms of threats whatsoever, be it au naturale or repercussions from their dangerous internet surfing habits.

Let me just put it this way: does having a neighborhood police post within your residence’s vicinity, absolutely & totally eliminates any chances of criminal behaviour in the area? No right? Sure, the crime rates are largely reduced, & criminal are very much deterred. Even those criminal intentions that manifest into reality may be resolved quickly due to increased patrols and manpower available.

BUT not even the police force can guarantee 100% crime-free results. Similarly, an antivirus solution serves to protect the node from a very large percentage of the viral threat that ravages the Internet. It may also serves as a potent tool to remove selected virus that has already infiltrated your system. But it is not 100%.

Before you ask “then I install antivirus for what?” Let me throw a question (instead of a chair) right back at you: “Then you dun install lor…you see what will happen”. For the anal-retentive readers, half of the time, such victims are not even infected by a virus, but rather, spyware & adware. We(or I), do not teach you how to use those anti-malware tools because most end-users are not patient enough to analyse logs, or experienced enough to review Task Manager & spot rogue processes.

Hope my analogy will help other front-line IT support counterparts out there. Here’s another analogy for you fellows, should you need to explain the concept of hardware bottlenecks to others:

“How come my computer so slow huh? Is it Windows, not enough RAM, hard disk not big enough, etc”

The whole computing experience is essentially reduced to 2 major processes: transporting data to-&-for, & interpreting the data. Picture your computer (especially the components within) as a bunch of different types of cars traveling on many different roads of different lanes transporting different no. of people. The breakdown is as such:

  • People – data
  • Road – data connection
  • Car – memory device/component
  • No. of lanes – bandwidth

Typically, the infrastructure is designed in tandem with the no. and types of vehicles transversing the connection. Any highway may be 4- or 5-lane and supports well enough the traffic input. However, if there was a sdden increase in the no. of cars travelling a certain portion at one shot, the highway may be inadequate. This is equivalent to “not enough bandwidth”, or the people who designed the bus speed of the motherboard hasn’t factor in the emergence of ultra-speed devices carrying data across them boards yet. Even the cars may be different makes, akin to thumbdrives or mass storage devices that can feed/send data at different speed into the computer or out of it.

Well, enough analogies for today. I’m slightly exhausted.


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