It’s always nobody else’s fault. But yours.

Posted: June 18, 2008 by ralliart12 in Roadblocks
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It’s always nobody’s fault. But is it mine to be trapped in such circumstances. I dun like my track record to be tarnished too, yet 40% of the time I’m in situations where I’m asked to accomplish impossible or illogical things.

Pushing a trolley stacked with a desktop PC, a laser printer & a LCD monitor, in the rain, searching round and round for an address that turns out to be erronous…NOT AMUSING.

At that moment, I wasn’t disturbed by the fact that I haven’t had a meal since being sent to a Changi site in the late morning. I wasn’t worried about falling sick from the rain. I was worried the invoice and cardboard boxes were getting wet from the rain!

And to top it off there were miscommunication between the client & the people who issued my instructions. And since I’m at the frontline, guess who suffered the wrath of the client 😦

And to the client, you’re not a humorous, old, charismatic Frenchman. You’re JUST old.


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