Got my new digicam! Lumix DMC-FX520

Posted: June 15, 2008 by ralliart12 in Technopia
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Got my new digicam today! The Lumix FX-520. Yes, I did get it from the PC Show in the end, but that’s after tons of research and comparison throughout the Internet. In the end the promotional offer I’ve got from the show is:

  • Camera unit
  • 1*  Class 6 4GB Lexar SDHC card
  • 1 * Class 2 4GB Lexar SDHC card
  • 1 extra no-brand 3rd party battery
  • 1 lame & useless mini-tripod
  • 1 not-so-pretty original black Panasonic camera case
  • 1 supposedly-worth-$10 LCD screen protector

Yup, all that for $590. Outside rates fluctuate around $555 to $585, with varying degrees of bundled freebies.

Waiting to test-drive the unit during the upcoming gardening exhibition in SunTec from the 25th. Indoor subjects + a myriad of colors = good camera testing ground.

P.S. Had a slight mishap with the screen protector application. The stickers indicating the ORDER of which protective layers(of the screen protector) to be taken off, WERE reversed!!! I almost tot the adhesive had dried up. Tried a couple of minutes to stick the NON-sticky side of the sp to the LCD is NOT AMUSING.

Going thru the instruction manual now…


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