Movie after-tots: “The Happening”

Posted: June 13, 2008 by ralliart12 in Filmstrip
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Caught e 11pm screening of “The Happening” at e ol’ run-down theatres of JEC today. It’s a film by M Night Shyamalan (the “M” stands for “Manoj” btw). I wanted to catch it because I wanna noe the cause of such a large-scale massacre as depicted in its trailer. Coming from the director who gave u “Signs”, “Unbreakable”, & “The Sixth Sense“, I hope the twist is adequate.

Spoiler ahead!!!

For those who just wanna know the twist, highlight the chunk of text below:
Plants are emitting toxins into the air to induce suicidal & fatal moves from human beings.

For those who dismiss this premise as ludacris, I know for a fact tat this is scientifically known & proven. But anyway this is, IMO, not a $8.50 twist, perhaps a $5 twist but definitely nth more. Now now, I’m not saying the movie sucks(that much anyway). I, for one, enjoyed the evenly distributed death scenes. They include:

  • Stabbing hairpin into throat
  • Construction workers walking off planks
  • Zookeepers getting lions to chew off arms
  • Grass cutters hanging themselves using their equipment
  • People crashing their vehicles into trees
  • People getting large lawn mowers to drive over them
  • Policemen shooting themselves
  • Old lady banging her head into glass windows
  • Math teacher cutting his wrist

You get the idea…once or twice M Night inserted a few lame attempts to throw us off the tracks but then again, not that fantastic, I suppose it’s an even crappier show for those who can’t relate to the premise(unlike me, whom has interest in weird things). Overall, a $6 kinda show, almost bordering on a “wait-for-its-DVD” level. Dun bring ur kids to watch it at night too.

Here’s a red-band trailer for those who wants a highlight of some of the death-scenes (SEVERELY NOT for kids!):


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