Sakae Teppanyaki @ Cineleisure. Again.

Posted: June 8, 2008 by ralliart12 in Tummilicious
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Went to enjoy the fantastic food there again. And I implore all of you to try it. The ingredients used are fresh (you can tell when you consume it) and the variety of food per set (there are a few different set dinners, chicken set, beef set, seafood set, lobster set, etc) is abundant. Noteworthy of mention are the culinary skills displayed by the chef while preparing your dishes in front of you (as per normal teppanyaki-style). If you are lucky, you may get the same chef that served me during my 1st visit there. The kicker here is, he looks very unassuming. Until he starts cooking. His cooking skills, couple with the way he handled the utensils, is an art form. Bill came up to around $40 for 2 persons, with a further 10% discount from any POSBank debit/credit card. I will say it’s more than worth. The bottomline is: tasty food, fresh ingredients, reasonable price (for a restaurant), nice display of culinary skills.

As you will see from the following photo, the Chef-with-no-face moves faster than my camera’s shutter


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