Likes and dislikes

Posted: June 7, 2008 by ralliart12 in Roadblocks
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I tink those foreign workers’re preparing to build an establishment on my corridor

I’ll tell you what I DUN like: taxi drivers who expect you to know the roads as well as them, or those who do not declare from the onset that they do not do your specified destination, and gradually you discover that fact from their body language. I mean, come’on lah, if you really don’t know how to go where I(or any customer) wanna go, dun hog the business! We’re paying a premium transport fee for your experience & road expertise…that’s not too much to ask right?

If I need to plan my route, catch a delay due to your unfamiliarity with the destination, then convince me when I shouldn’t pay a NOT-much-but-still-lower fare for public transport?

I also dun like people blaming me to be late when the taxi driver which drove me there can’t find your location. It’s not my fault you’re situated in an obscure location. I already took a cab down, what more do you want?

Another thing I do NOT appreciate is mistrust, especially when it’s dispense from the people you’re helping. Dun trust my capabilities and sincerity? Fine, get someone else to fix your crap, specifically YOUR crap. These kinda old hags(I’m usually very respectful of senior folks, but there’re some that really takes the cake), don a separate mask when speaking to rich French dudes, and then turn around and think you’re just a measly part-timer who are too “wet behind the ears” to do a proper job. Company so rich get a better network infrastructure lah…get those rich French handsome charming dudes to fix it lor? Unless they’re just a pretty shell with nothing inside, ANd you’re sucking up to them?! Argh…the horror the horror…

I also dislike when they rather continue yakking away on their phone when explaining their issue to you. So, you wan me to fix your problem but you dun wanna tell me what the problem is? and when you wanna show them that the issue is resolved, they can afford you the time to verify it. End-users, wake up your idea can?

1 more for ya: and then there’s those who always say the following:

I dunno I never touch/it doesn’t involve my systems/nothing to do with my side…I dunno…I dunno…

But they “know” it’s your fault. Bloody jingle bells! You dunno this you dunno that, but you definitely/for sure/confirm know its my side’s issue?! Are you a joke-of-the-day? I think you are!

I dun like being woken up on the weekend mornings to the sound of drilling and hacking and hammering. Dun post a notice saying construction work will be carried out within a certain period, asking for the residents’ green-light, then 2 weeks later posting another notice extending the construction schedule, then another week later, another new notice saying construction will have to eat into OUR Saturdays from 8am till 6pm!?!? And guess what, I dun like those folks who work beyond 6pm too! If you can’t even maintain/project a schedule properly, I dun have much confidence using anything that you’ve built. It’s not a service pack installation: we, as the residents, can’t ask you to rollback your construction once we discover discrepancies in the consensual working/operation hours.

And dun ask me why suddenly I found so many character profile to dislike… 😡

P.S. I almost forgot about the “likes”, so here goes:

I like taxi drivers, who teach you street-smart know-how, teach you how to guide other taxi drivers should you wish to revisit the obscure location again, and says “thank you and have a nice day”

I like rich BUT super polite folks, who despite a relapse of a prior issue, still thinks they’re troubling you to make a 2nd trip and insists on pouring apple juice for you.

I like podcasts which, are free and yet deliver a wealth of information to keep your knowledge current.

I tell ya: when I serve others, I deliver to the best of my capabilities. I dun need you to believe me.

Excellence is its own reward, Perfection drives my paramount desire.


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