Launch of the R.I.G.O.R. initiative

Posted: June 2, 2008 by ralliart12 in ScratchPad
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The Running-Intensive Gestic-Overload Routine (R.I.G.O.R.) initiative saw its 1st iteration today. This initiative is basically a simple diet designed to ensure I remain physically fit. There’re no hard & fast objectives to benchmark my progress against; just a couple of small dishes. A simple goal perhaps? How does “pursuing a better strength-to-body-mass ratio” sound?

The dishes (for the 1st week) are:

5 light rounds of jogging at the nearby trail

Followed by small servings of pull-ups

Menu B:

Heavy dose of standard sit-ups (60 reps)

Followed by a filling of “side-sit-ups”

(nett 40 reps; & I dunno the professional terms for this type of sit-ups)

A pinch of standard push-ups (20 reps)

Spoonful of “spread-eagle” push-ups (20 reps)

Light sprinkle of diamond push-ups as dessert

1st week is over, I alternated between the 2 different menus. Dun wanna get sick of consuming these stuff, you know. As the week progresses, I shall intensify the servings accordingly. Listening to podcasts during the meal makes the food goes down easier.

Oh, & I forgot to mention, after a week of this “painful leisure”, it’s time to sharpen the mind as well 😉

UPDATE: beginning of the 2nd week, I’m gonna push for 8mins/lap, and gosh the pain from my arms, abs & legs, makes it so real. Going thru my textbook a 2nd time doesn’t make it anymore interesting…fell asleep on the bus again 😦


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