Looking back, I actually managed to complete it

Posted: June 1, 2008 by ralliart12 in ScratchPad
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…the cleaning AND tidying up of my room. I threw my surround sound speakers (including the clunky sub-woofer) away as I no longer have a system in the room that can utilize it. Threw away the large “notes-hanger” which was hooked on the rear of my room’s door. Took all my notes, arranged ALL of them individually (lecture notes, tutorials, projects, then all in chronologically-ascending order), and then archived them. Managed to squeeze all my textbooks into 1 compartment of my display cabinet, took all the IT gadgets out and stow them away in 1 of those large iKea underbed storage containers. All of my additional backpacks and travel bags were stored in another.

My DiamondBack is staring at its own reflection!

After all the organizing, I went ahead to with the cleaning phase. I started with a massive approximate removal of the bulk of the dust accumulated under my bed mostly, and other corners of my room. After this, the 2nd phase, thorough wiping was initiated. Everything in the room was wiped. And yes, EVERYTHING. Such items include:

  • bed frame
  • exposed cables
  • entire computer table
  • under my bed
  • all wooden cabinets
  • glass surfaces
  • TV display
  • window grille
  • Essentially anything that comes into contact with air

I suppose the removal of the speaker wires that were snaking all over the place makes this slightly easier. But I must commend my equipment: latex gloves and baby wipes. Without these 2 comrades in arms I would never have had the courage to complete this operation. Gloves means I will not have to directly contact any contaminates, and using baby wipes instead of a single cloth means everything is wipe-and-throw, not rinse-and-reuse. Now, random photo time:

Prized possessions, my mobile companions (except the mouse, of course)

My right leg keep kicking this filing drawer under my computer desk, should relocate it…

Shimmering..shimmering…the messier my bed is, the more it shimmers, cos got more reflective edges mah…so I’m not gonna make my bed every day. Whoever opposes this, beware of the green hammer in the corner…

You know IF dust were here, they will show up as small orbs on the ground, which didn’t appear here. Uh-hmm…

Fallen from their wall, & I’ve fallen from their grace as well…feel that since I no longer am proficient of the skills that earn their glory, I shall stow them away if they drop one more time…

The underbed storage containers from iKea. Extremely low-profile (even with wheels attached) and a reasonable $30 each.

The light shone brighter after a few rounds of wiping.

So I guess I’m breathing in cleaner air. At least for the next few months. I shall see if I can upkeep this form of maintenance.


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