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Posted: May 15, 2008 by ralliart12 in Roadblocks

EDIT: found an appropriate photo for this post (I named it “downtime”), feathered all of my previous photos (again, except screen shots).

Ok fellows, this is an informal post. About my day, or days since it includes yesterday. There ain’t no image, since I’m sick of crappy pictures without the fancy “feathered” border (btw, all those prior posts without feathering, will be feathered properly once I get my laptop back; with the exception of screen shots from electronic devices).

This holiday I’ve a few tasks:

  1. Clean up my room (in terms of dust removal and object organization) – 50% complete
  2. Intensify my exercising routine
  3. Ensure my dad has a proper workstation which he can use comfortably; and one which allow my mother to browse the web efficiently.
  4. Brush up my J2EE and C programming skills.

As of the 2nd week into my holidays, I’ve accomplished none of the above. Why? Maybe I’m too busy trying to help other people do things. And then of course there’s the usual relentless battle against the onslaught of bad luck that the Supreme Being throws at me. Let’s start from yesterday, shall we?

  1. There was a cardmembers’ special sale for CitiBank credit card holders at Tangs yesterday. Which is great news, cos I can finally purchase the god-damn expensive Lacoste shoe at a huge discount. I lusted after a specific pair which costs $389 normally, & to my pleasant surprise, that series was going for an incredible 70% discount, which means a final price of $116.70! Of course, the exact specific pair which I wanted for so long, had to be missing from the shelf that day (not even a display set).
  2. IFS was invited to my place to set up a Fedora Core workstation today, & guess what, FC 9 was just released today! Of course, even after being kicked out of the FTP queue multiple times (as everyone else had to get it 1st), even after IFS managed to use a BitTorrent work-around to salvage & continuing downloading the remnant file, even after burning a 2nd time onto a DVD at slooooow speed, the workstation simply cannot recognize the installer media, resulting in a good waste of 4hrs of IFS’s time, my youth, 2 blank DVD-Rs, which I’m deeply apologetic for.
  3. We went back to installing FC8, after which despite the presence of IFS’s veteran Linux expertise and my scary demeanor, the machine simply refuse to acknowledge the USB wireless adapter, which = no network, which in FC = no-go. So 2 experts (okay, 1.5 experts) can’t scare that miserable excuse of a computer into submission, what about 2 different USB wireless adapters of different brands and model? What are the odds of both of them NOT working after all? Well, I can tell ya, you dun wanna know.
  4. So after all these mayhem, I went to Giant to get some plastic containers, some cling-wrap & some potting soil. The plastic containers are for archiving some of my room’s items which I won’t use often but can’t bear to throw away. They go under my bed, after I stuff them full of old things. Unfortunately, despite all the (literally) mountains of Algo, Toyogo, nonamemo, containers that Giant stock, there’s only one (as in, exactly one piece) which fits my under-bed clearance of 25cm. Which does not work, since I need around 3.
  5. So never mind, I need cling wrap too, to wrap up my pot of (hooded) Pitcher Plant seeds so that it’s safe to keep them in my fridge to simulate winter conditions. Suddenly, the world has run out of cling-wrap as well, what a coincidence, everybody switches to zip-lock bags, which I can’t use, as I can’t wrap the pot properly and tightly and then poke air-holes. I did get my garden soil in the end though, but I have to buy a 5kg pack to fill a pot shorter than a can of soft-drinks. So if anybody feels like pissing me off these few days, I’ve approximately 4.8kg of soil with your name on it.
  6. I bought (hooded) Pitcher plant seeds btw, in case anybody cares.
  7. Did I also mention people, especially mothers seems to love putting kids into Giant trolleys, pushing them right smack into the middle of the shopping aisles while they themselves walk 2~3 meters away to look at something else, which causes the human traffic has to flow around these trolleys? I have a suggestion to these people: if you need to look at, and consider a piece of merchandise on the shelf, push your trolley close to that shelf, so that there’s less chance of people doing things to your kids (like kidnap) & to facilitate you putting the item into the so-nearby trolley after you finally decided to commit to a purchase?
  8. Did I also mention due to the unexplained-by-science-&-logic fact of a premium long-route service of bus Exp502 appearing more frequently than a feeder service of service no.333, my journey to-&-fro Giant costs $3.20?
  9. Did I also mention that while a long vehicle version of 188 (okay, a “bendy”) rolls into the bus stop with half its body sticking out in the rear, and an Exp502 queueing after that, people will STILL walk all the way out to board that Exp502?
  10. Did I also mention that despite the noisy construction work going on during the day outside my flat (and on each floor of my block), at night I’m “entertained” by the constant audio feedback of a family of chronic chili grinders who lived above me? Dun make me go up there folks, or else the only red stuff spilled will not be chili…

Agenda for the rest of my life in the near-future

  1. Pass US clothing merchandise to my acquaintance in ORQ North Tower – DONE
  2. Make a trip to school to collect my DVD back from my tutor – DONE
  3. Fix up the workstation for my parents – DONE
  4. Fix somebody’s Vista desktop computer – in-progress as of May 28, 1.54AM
  5. Help GCE procure his candles
  6. Take rachel2108 to Sentosa – DONE
  7. Give rachel2108 tuition sessions – DONE

Btw, I’m really miffed about the shoes and plastic containers…if u have the series but not the exact model, please dun tease me like that, if you have the perfect model but just one piece, please dun tease me like that too…

I really need to push forward my bed-time to be before 2AM, so fellows, for tech support matters, please note that I will no longer be online after 2AM.

But my cellphone is never turned off:-(


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