Last day – Year 2 Sem 2

Posted: May 15, 2008 by ralliart12 in academia, Roadblocks
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So today saw my last paper, MNO1001, occurring. It was a very enjoyable piece of challenge, which is much less than what I can say of my prior Herculean “quests” 2 weeks back. On a side-note I thought my helpsheet was “power-PACKED” enough, but when I hit the exam floor, there were many more helpsheets that were way more “occupied”! And what do ya know, the ultimate contender is completely hand-written!

Anyway, as usual, somebody’s mobile phone had to go off during the paper. You know, that triggers a thought: each developing country always boast of their wonderful leading institutions, be it educational, healthcare, etc. But how come up till now I’ve not yet heard of buildings that power off or “silence” mobile (transmitting) devices when such operations could be inconveniencing/threatening to the people within the vicinity? You may argue, will there be a demand huge enough for buildings to have such a feature retro-fitted? Well, unless your country don’t have the following facilities (these 6 prominent instances are what I can conjure off the top of my mind, where such a technically-enforced policy can be very useful):

  • Hospitals
  • Petrol stations
  • Cinemas & performance theaters
  • Examination halls
  • Libraries
  • Law courts

So apparently no country in the world has done it yet. Thus every country’s developing alright, they’re just not developing things that aid in a safer & more pleasant working/living environment for its citizens?

You may argue: what if emergency calls are required @ such places? Well, permanently-affixed land-lines like those you found on autobahns (highways) lor.

On a side-side-note, why can’t a prestigious academic institutions like NUS build an air-conditioned holding area in front of multi-purpose sports hall 1-6? Especially when the university jolly well knows EVERY half-a-year exam candidates’ll DEFINITELY amass there while waiting for their papers to commence.

Haiz, all these nagging questions can be answered much less with rocket science than common sense & logic…but I guess we’re all a bit short of the latter nowadays 😦

P.S. On a side-side-side-note: during the last lecture of MNO1001, everybody clapped. I just realized nobody ever claps during the last lecture of CS modules. Perhaps this has to do with the fact that even after the last CS lectures, there’ll always be on-progress deadlines. Double haiz.


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