Exploring the Southern Ridges

Posted: May 12, 2008 by SnOwAnGeL in ScratchPad
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Heard that the 9km trail that spans across Mount Faber Park, Telok Blangah Hill Park, & Kent Ridge Park had been officially opened last wkend, so we’ve decided to do a little exploring today… The whole trail starts with the Marang Trail – leading to Mount Faber Park (including Faber walk & hilltop walk), passing through Henderson Waves Bridge to the forest walk, reaching Alexandra Arch, then to floral walk @ Hortpark and finally links to Kent Ridge Park via the canopy walk.

Feeling adventurous, we just head toward Harbourfront MRT station where the start of the trail is. Without a proper map on hand, we decide to follow the signboards tat others claim are easily locatable. For the benefit of those that will be heading there in the future, the entrance to the Marang Trail is through exit D. It’s a 15min walk of steps and shaded footpaths covering an elevation = 24 storey to the Jewel Box & Mt Faber.

True as it as, signboards like this can be located at almost all strategic locations. Once u reach Jewel box, just continue to walk straight & follow the main rd down…The view is quite gd, can see all the way to Raffles area & PSA shipyard.

Henderson Waves – Singapore’s highest pedestrian bridge (the following photo):

The bridge has a unique wave form made up of 7 undulating curved steel “ribs” that alternately rise over & under its deck. The curved “ribs” form alcoves that function as shelters with seats within. Personally, I like the slats of balau wood used in the decking.

Rmb to look out for the height markings at various pts on the bridge.

Next, we continued to the Terrace Garden.

I’m sure most of u will recall scenes from many local dramas that taken from here.

Forest walk – elevated walkway through the forest

This part is my favourite portion of the whole trail coz it resembles the tree-top walks in Australia! Feels great to be strolling among the canopy of trees and offers all a bird’s eye view of the forest. Although the whole walkway can be steps-free, U can also take shortcuts via steps down to the next walkway.

The whole walkway is quite long, some of u may want to try jogging there, think it’ll feel great with the fresh air…

Editor’s note: I noticed even with the moderate no. of runners present on that day, the metal path produces little resonance, but the narrow girth may cause tension between leisure strollers and frequent runners.

Eventually u will reach the Alexandra Arch, which resembles an open leaf. Located at the base of Alexandra Arch is the Floral Walk which offers a delightful stroll along a path lined with pretty flowers like these:

Next, u will reach HortPark – the gardening hub

The lobby has a very relaxed feel & overlooks the whole garden.

Btw, wireless@SG is available here…for net addicts. It’s a very nice place for strolling as u can slowly appreciate various attractive themed gardens as well as outdoor display plots showcasing ideas for home gardening.

Here’s what we like:

By the time we finished strolling HortPark, its already close to 7pm, so we decide to give Kent Ridge Park a miss & head home. While walking back, we managed to catch the Alexandra Arch dazzling with colour changing LED lights.

  1. The night photos of the bridge is great.


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