When u r bored at 3am in e morning…

Posted: May 9, 2008 by ralliart12 in 1-hour notebook
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…you performed a hard disk transplant!

I was very nervous doing this, as I’m unable to verify beforehand whether simply swapping hard disks physically will work. I wanna replace my active hard disk with a vanilla one as I’m gonna send in my notebook for repairs. There’re sensitive data inside there that I dun wan any tech engineer to mess around with.

Before you say why I dun wanna simply do a password protection, consider this: how will the enginner test whether the Wifi chip and earphone jack out put issue if he cannot boot into my main OS to verify…ah ha! Take that you smart arse! Photos of the operations, as follows:

Yanked out the old “heart” from the veins…ok, some components manufactured in Hainan…cool with that…

The new “heart” on standby, in the “ice tray”, on the op table…

Ok! New “heart” transplanted…hope it starts </insert pumping/ticking/beating/spinning> now…


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