The Ultimate series ~:~ the BEST earphone tester tracks – FOUND!

Posted: April 21, 2008 by ralliart12 in ScratchPad
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I’m too lazy to compile a play list of songs that are able to cycle through every aspect of music for testing IEMs. So I was more than pleasantly surprised when I ran into a few albums by the band M.Y.M.P. on my iPod. After listening in Shuffle mode to a small subset of the collection they offer, I can assure you their music will allow you to test the following on your earphones:

  • soundstage (enough to challenge Olivia’s jazz albums)
  • vocals (their lead singer’s voice is extremely well-articulated & CRISPY)
  • instruments (very nice guitar tones, some drums, and even that Mexican beads thingy)
  • bass (the warm and quality ones, not the R&B and Hip-Hop bass, but “correct, proper” bass)

& of course, good music. In fact, their music is so god-damn good I can even listen to their Malay songs on end!

A little bit about this band (my 1st “encounter” with them is “Especially For You”):

Make Your Momma Proud or a lot famous as MYMP is the author of the sweetest, softest and most soothing music the Philippine Music Industry could have. Pairing up the guitar work of Chin Alcantara and the most angelic voice of Juris Fernandez is truly heaven’s work. This tandem, together with their other band mates, has brought fans and listeners everywhere great music and pleasant times both with their wonderful personalities and their heart-warming songs.

So the next time I’m popping down to Jaben…I know which tracks to put the new IEMs thru their paces… 😉

P.S. one fo their tracks made me feel that my $65 IC is worth a lot more than $65. That’s how god-damn good their music is.


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