Hot-swappable organs?

Posted: April 21, 2008 by ralliart12 in ScratchPad
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For most of us, if a limb gets broken off or an organ suffers downtime, we are unable to regenerate the faulty item. Even if we replace it, like attaching a prosthetic limb, or a kidney transplant, there’s a high chance that the host body may reject the retro-fitted part, i.e. blood type mismatch.

Just a random thought: why aren’t we able to adapt the electronic systems in our everyday life to our bodies? Essentially, the 2 major items being transported in ourselves are nerve signals and blood. You can relate nerve signals to data signals and blood as fuel/power. Most body parts, i.e. your eyes, your limbs, have to interface with nerves and blood vessels. What if we reduce the human cardiopulmonary system to a network infrastructure of signal ports and fluid vessels?

Hmm, vessels that channel and carry fluids, meaning it can supply other liquids besides blood to our body parts. Liquids like hydraulic oil and even gas? That means we can actually build pistons and micro-engines into prosthetic limbs. Of course, you will not want various liquids to interact with one another within your shell. Nor will you want gas leaks in the wrong places. But I’m saying, medical science combined with the amazingly resilient human body, leads to many possible doors which we cannot deny simply because we’re not open-minded enough.

P.S. on a related note, maybe we can have USB organs, that we can hot-swap with our main body, ala the artificial heart of a certain Mr. Tony Stark.


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