I am…Iron Man!!!

Posted: April 17, 2008 by ralliart12 in Filmstrip
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Soon to be added to the ever-increasing onslaught of superheroes “beginnings” movie buffet, we are gonna have Marvel’s Iron Man on May, 2, 2008!!! The armored suit looks real sweet:

Guess I can book the tickets & catch it just right after my exams are over 😉

Check out the cool trailer (link below), blowing up tanks, startling “raptors”, a garage full of lovely automobiles, the Audi R8, need I say more?

UPDATE: here’s the link to the film clip showing extended footage of what I meant by Ironman being engaged, and startling the flagship F-22 raptors (the site didn’t provide an embed code & it’s not on youtube, so you will have to jump to this URL) – link to film clip

On the other hand, the interview with the USAF is on YouTube:

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