Feedback – IEM trials

Posted: April 17, 2008 by ralliart12 in Technopia
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Just went to try out some new earphones…shop was packed with people as usual…it’s like almost every time I went down it became a “standing-room-only” event……looking to upgrade as my existing X3i are acting up again(crackling/hissing noises on the right…suspect it’s the circuitry being worn out). & these’re the new models I tried:

1. Tried out LBi(Mylar): a lot more “civilized” than that ridiculous XBi in terms of bass. Comparing to my X3i, the music (thru the LBi) sounds as if a layer of warm bass has been coated on top of it before being output to the ears…not bad, but nothin fantastic also…

2. Tried UM1(finally): super extremely clear(I came from X3i) vocals. Everything with aspect to the vocals gets “pushed forward” while the bass seems to be reduced to a pathetic “pitter-patter” in the background. But the singer’s voice is clear as CRISP. I’m not sayin it’s bad, but I dunno if I can get used to this type of music and whether I’m willing to sacrifice all the bass(to me UM1 really = no bass).

3. Tried SF3: the bass isn’t that diminished as I was led to believe…it’s almost the same quantity as the X3i, but even better quality, i.e. punch-ier, tighter bass? Am I describing it correctly?

4. Tried the SF5Pro: Sorry guys, my ears ain’t “panache enough” to distinguish the SF5 from the SF3…maybe my setup(source music files & entry-level amp) not up there yet to drive it.

All in all, I damn regretted not starting out with SF3, it would have stayed with me for a long time if I haven’t began with X3-series…now gotta suffer the cost of upgrade…but the difference between it and the X3i not adequate to push me to strain my wallet yet …

EDIT: Come to tink of it, haiyah, why dun I directly upgrade to TripleFi 10 Pro and stay happy for long long time lah…but then again, all my family members will kill me 1st… 😦


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